Written by Kred88

20 Oct 2010

We had talked for years..just the thought of sharing her with another man remained, a constant throughout our relationship,always guaranteed to arouse both my mind and my cock..so many times I would fill her gaping pussy or penetrate her tight arsehole,flooding her holes with warm spunk as she gasped with lust,panting descriptions of previous conquests and detailed tales of the fuckings she had enjoyed before we met..Lea knows the affect her horny stories have on me..my cock pulses and my stomach twists,a savage concoction of almost pleasure and pain..i would imagine I was a stranger as lea writhed beneath me,grinding her shaven pussy deeper onto my cock,gripping my arse cheeks as my balls slapped her sticky arsehole..nipples between my teeth she begged me to bite...seeing her lying beneath me,sopping cunt wet on my thighs..she fucking loved it and would shut her eyes and tell me about the lads she had fucked..as a teenager the little slut enjoyed multiple cock fun on more than several occasions..after nights out in the pub,sometimes drunk but not always..two and three lads at a time many times..how they would undress her slim body,almost Amazonian legs with a lovely pert bum and small little tits housing huge brown nipples..Lea loves to be fucked and more importantly loved tellinge all about it...I wanted to relive her past and would always wank furiously at the prospect of our fantasy turning into reality..so,I've given you all a little background information and would like now to share the night it finally came to fruition..I had got back from the football early and knocked with increasing impatience at an obviously empty house that Lea had..I tried to phone and could get no answer..my stomach churned as I realised that she was probably be in the pub and if so,would now be extremely pissed..alcohol and our relationship did not mix..popped in a couple of locals with no joy and was about to give up when I noticed one of her friends smoking outside a local hotel..I just knew that she would be in there...but I was not prepared for the vision that greeted me as I parked up and peered through the bar window..could see her in there definately..Lea and Michelle sat giggling with a group of five lads..my cock twitched and my mouth became dry..an intoxicating potion of sheer jealousy and anticipation was immediately apparent.."fuck this" I thought and I walked into the busy bar,walking over to the table that my girlfriend sat,totally oblivious to the fact I was stood watching her from a distance..deep in conversation with these complete strangers who obviously thinking that one of them of not more would be screwing her that night..and I can't blame them really as she is a tasty girl with big brown eyes and long jet black hair..tall and skinny but ever so fuckable..I inched closer and could not believe my eyes..her hand was tucked gently between the thighs of one of the lads sat next to her..so casual but ever so near his balls..still she hadn't seen me and the guy gets up to go to the bar,hands on her thighs as he arose..all very cosy..I watched for five minutes but decided to park discreetly near her house where she would not be able to see me..nearly closing time anyway and a spare key in my wallet gave me the patience to wait as long as it took..just hoped they wouldn't go back to his..anyway,about twenty minutes later I saw a couple come around the corner and sure enough it was Lea and her new friend..his muscled arm draped over her shoulder as she laughed and flirted..my cock was so hard and I nervously puffed quickly on my fag..she opened the front door and in the went..I wondered how I could work this..half of me wanted an explanation but the dominant half wanting to watch her cunt being spread and filled by a strangers big fat cock..I walked around the corner into the unlit backstreet,stopping as I reached her backgate..couldn't believe my luck when it opened..I quietly crept in and shuffled over to the back window..I had a perfect view into the living room through Leas favourite black chifon drapes..the irony being that I had often told her we could be watched through those drapes and so it proved true..they sat together on the settee kissing,his huge hand groping her tits as she licked and tongued his mouth..slowly the lad unbuttoned her shirt before slipping his hand inside whilst he sucked her neck..Leas fingers seemed to linger over his jeans but then dropped to his crotch and began touching his bulge..they both undid their jeans and kicked them quickly off..his Tongue was now down the back of her throat as she reached inside his undies and released an impressive looking cock..she looked at it and said something before smiling,her long hair draping over his balls as she tongued and licked his shaft..Lea got onto her knees to allow the lad to reach around,groping her arse cheeks before looking like he was fingering her pussy..she bucked back onto his fingers as his thick prick disappeared between her lips,her hand on his balls..my cock was bursting as I wattched and could feel precum on my boxers..should I burst in or just carry on watching??..I decided to stay and watch..didn't want to risk the floorshow ending..lea peeled off her shirt and knickers and bent over on the floor in front of him..the lad threw his socks and shirt to the flooor and appeared to put his bellend at the entrance to her by now I imagine, wet cunt..could see her mouth open as he entered her..his hips began grinding into her,deep inside and I could now hear her moaning through the window..she was always loud and vocal.."fuck me you dirty bastard" she cried..at this point I had to start wanking my cock through the material of my combats..she then said something and the lad stopped and turned around,dropping to his knees and bending over the settee...I could not believe she was going to do this as she always told me that I was the only one she had done it to..she parted his buttocks and buried her face into it..I knew she loved to rim and that is exactly what she was doing!!...she wanked his cock from underneath as she licked his arsehole..I came into my undies as I saw her head bob back and forth,a stiff Tongue in his hole..again she said something and lay on her back,thighs spread wide,he clambered on and began fucking her hard and fast..she screamed and moaned..all of a sudden he seemed to shudder as he no doubt shot his cum into her..my head was spinning..so wanted to go in and lick her out before taking in turns with her new friend..they got up and my heart sank..as they left the room,his still stiff cock bouncing..the light went off and they went upstairs..the bedroom light came on but obviously I could see no more!!...my imagination taunted me as I huddled in the dark..cold and so fucking horny...Part 2 The Confrontation..soon