Written by Bluray2009

22 Jan 2010

continued from part 1-sorry its been a bit long

ok so me,d and m head back to our apartments feeling pretty excited seeing d's face knowing what might happen to her,i just could not wait to get her back to watch her getting fucked by this guy,a little bit nervous as well so was d too.So once back in our room m goes to the toilet i put my hand up her dress to feel her pussy and to see if she was turned on,and she was soaking wet ,i had an instant hard knowing this,so m comes out

me and him get a drink while d gets to freashen up,when she comes out she has her short nightie on and looks sexy as fuck,m cannot believe his luck, so m goes over to d and trys to kiss her put she keeps turning away playing hard to get,i tell her to sit on the edge of the bed and get her a drink m sits next to her and starts rubbering her tits and i could see her niples standing on end then he starts rubbing her legs slowly working his way up to her pussy i could see d bitting her lip,he starts to spread her legs and i can see her shaved pussy which looks fucking lovely,m starts to touch her then enters his fingers into her,i really could have come there and then it was such a turn on to see her getting pleasured like this,they start to kiss hard and then m slips down on the floor,and then d asks me if its alright if m can lick her pussy ,which i said of course dear you are on hoilday after all,so m starts licking her twat,i go over to kiss her ,i want to stick my cock in her mouth but i resist the temptation....after about a good 30 mins of m licking my girlfriend out she asks me it she can suck his spainish cock please i say to her yes,so she unzips his trousers to revel a 7-8 inch cock,bigger than mine and i can see d licking her lips looking at me and she starts licking his shaft and balls and then starts sucking his cock,she is loving it.after shes finished sucking his cock they both go into a 69 position which was lovely to watch,then she says to me,please can i let him stick his big cock in me,so m lays down then d stands over his cock and starts rubbing it on her twat and then she slips it inside her after a few mins she starts coming which is great to watch to,,then he gets on top of her and gives her on hard fucking and she is screaming and loving it shes shouting 'FUCK ME SPAINISH COCK FUCK ME HARD'i have shot my load by this point and not long after m shoots his spainish load up her as well,d come once more i think,,,,,,and that was that ,great experience and great to watch we still have great sex and every time i talk about this experience she still gets very wet and turned on--thanks for reading-----ps if any spainish bloke is reading this and is good looking and fit give me pm and i might arrange some more fun for d