Written by philipchris

14 Jan 2015

When I was first married, many years ago, when in our early 20s we went to a new years party at her parents house. Whilst there we met a guy called mike who worked with Alisons farther, he was in his early 60s. We all had a little too much to drink and could not drive home, Mike kindly said he would put us up for the night, he lived close by. We went back to Mikes house after midnight and after a few minuets he showed us where the bedroom was, I lay down, the ceiling was spinning around, too much to drink. Alison sat with Mike on the edge of the bed, Happy new year he said as I opened my eyes and saw him kiss her. He looked around and said, you don't mind do you, I said no. This time a much more passionate kiss and as they were I got out of bed and went to the toilet. When I came back to the bedroom Alison was laying on the bed, topless, Mike next to her also topless, kissing, his hand between her legs. I don't know why but I turned around and went downstairs, the room was still spinning around as I walked upstairs trying to be quiet. I walked in and started to take off my clothes as my wife and Mike carried on, they were both naked. Alison took Mikes shaft in her hands then her mouth, as I sat down on a chair in the corner of the room, deeper and deeper into her mouth. Mike rolled over on top of Alison, her legs opened wide to take his now throbbing cock which he used to pleasure her. Afterwards Mike got up and went to the other bedroom without a word. I got into bed and we made love. Alison would not talk about that night only to say that I cannot remember. It was the start of a five year relationship with Mike and my wife it was a real turn on to watch someone make love to your wife.