Written by hubby

22 Mar 2019

last week hubby invited our friend Dave over to watch a rugby game on TV. he than asked me if I fancied any fun with the two of them, because when we have sex we occasionally talk about me fucking another man in front of him, this turns us both on and Hubby’s fantasy Is to watch another mans cum dribble out of my pussy. I replied maybe and hubby said if i did want some fun to dress sexy. I decided that I would have some fun, and informed hubby and would dress for the occasion, I showered picked out a nice dress and put on nice lace underwear with stockings and black high heels.I heard the doorbell and knew Dave had arrived to watch the game, I decided to wait a few minutes before going downstairs, hubby shouted up to me to inform me that Dave had arrived and did I want a drink pouring. yes please I'm coming now was my reply. I went downstairs walked into the living room and both men replied how good I looked with Dave asking if I was going out, no was my reply I always try look nice when we have visitors. Dave sat down on one end of the couch with me sitting at the opposite side while hubby brought the drinks in. Hubby sat in the armchair across from us.

The rugby game started on TV but I could feel looks coming my way while we where watching the game, so I decided to get the next round of drinks in deliberately exposing my hold up tops and a little flesh. when I came back into the room Dave had gone to the Loo and hubby informed me how hot I looked and slid his hand under my dress to see how wet I was (and I was very wet) hubby then asked me if he went to Loo would I give Dave a flash of underwear, maybe was my reply. I went to get Hubbys drink and on my return I deliberately bent over to put the drink down giving Dave a very good view of my legs and possibly my knickers and when I turned he commented on the colour of my underwear so I knew he had seen quite alot, I asked him if he liked what he had seen, to witch he replied yes he did and he had a semi hard on and hoped my hubby did not notice. I said don't worry he won't mind.

I sat down opposite Dave on the couch and hubby returned from the loo, he sat down and looked across at me and I gave him a cheeky smile to let him know that I had give Dave a sneaky flash. the rugby game was in flow and drinks where plenty and hubby was getting another round in, but on coming back into the room and handing me my drink he glimpses a little flesh at the top of my hold ups and he gave a nice comment saying there’s nothing sexier than a woman in stockings isn’t that right Dave, Dave’s reply, defiantly especially if with lacy underwear, Dave knew I had lacy underwear on, hubby returned to sit across from us and after a couple of minutes asked if I did have lacy underwear on (he knew I had) this was just to get things going. I replied maybe and Dave added are you going to tell us, if you both really want to know yes I have. Both hubby and Dave replied sexy, hubby then said what colour, my reply purple, Nice said Dave, hubby then said would they be able to see, I said I will give you a quick look and opened my legs to show for a few seconds but Dave said he couldn’t see and hubby asked me to turn towards him and show in which I did, very very nice was his reply I turned back and picked up my drink, both hubby and Dave saying that that was sexy.

After a couple of minutes hubby asked if I had a matching bra on, my reply was that I did, Dave to my surprise asked if they could see that too, I looked at hubby who smiled and said he was fine with it but it was up to me, well I was feeling very horny now and said because I had a dress on someone would need to unzip it at the back, hubby said he would let Dave while he was closer so I moved to the edge of couch turned my back to Dave while he slowly pulled down the zip, he pulled it down to the top of my panties, I then turned a said there you can see the strap (teasingly) what about the front, so I took my arms out of the dress a pulled it down to my waist, Dave leaned forward and asked if he could feel the fabric, hubby replied if you want, Dave cupped one of my breasts saying how firm the felt, I replied I thought you where feeling the fabric with a little laugh. Hubby then said you may as well show us the full outfit and asked me to remove the dress, feeling very horny now I stood up and let the dress drop to floor and Dave helped me step out of it. (end to follow soon)

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