Written by david

6 Dec 2011

A few weeks ago we were on the way home from a night out when we pulled into a car park for a kiss and cuddle,before long the wife said i can see movement outside, i looked and there was a guy wanking next to her window,i told her what he was doing and dared her to open her window and help him out,without hesitating she opened the window and took hold of his cock he moved to her window and she took him into her mouth,i was gob smacked!she sucked him off and he shot into her mouth, she looked me and gave me a spunky kiss before swallowing.since that night i have watched her suck off quite a few blokes in the carpark and also at home,its such a turn on watching her sucking strangers and swollowing there spunk, it has now gone further as sunday evening we went to a park we found on the internet and she got out of the car and told me just to watch, she walked over to a table and sat on the edge it was not long before she was surrounded by doggers and they were feeling her up and getting her tits out, i got out of the car and just watched as she was laid out on the table and guys had her legs held open while a stream of guys started to use her as one spunked her another took her place up until now i didnt think these things happened but here i was watching my wife get well and truly fucked,she was fucked by nine blokes altogether and then i took her home, we went to the bedroom and she opened her legs to show me her used cunt she told me to do cleaning duties which i did as i felt so horny,she said she wants to do it again and that i can watch if i am a good boy,i told her she is a whore and she said yes i may do it for money in the new year.