Written by jAMIE

21 Nov 2011

I told I told how I had met Sandra on a flight to Cyprus where I am working, after our night together that was interupted by the arrival of her neighbour Maria, I wish they hadn't given each other their door keys so that they could look after rsch others homes.

The following day I visited Sandra, she was about to take her a parcel that had been delivered to her in Maria's absence, calling me into Maria's appartment and signaling me to be quiet we walked through lounge to the balcony where Maria was sunbathing naked and fast asleep, she was very well rounded with lovrly boobs and a nice hairy fanny, having looked at the sight of this naked lady for a few minutes we quietly left.

Having had a meal and a couple of cold drinks with SAndra wearing very little due to the summer heat, in fact it was just a short dress with as I was about to find out no undies We started to kiss and I removed her dress fondled her boobs and my hand found its way to her fanny, but once again Maria arrived but this time she knocked before entering, leaving just enough time for me to pull my shorts up and Sandra to start putting her dress on, they chatted together with them laughing about the compromising position that she had found us in, complaining about the heat and humidity, Sandra removed her dress with Maria slipped off her clothes, revealing her naked boobs and now only wearing her thong, how I would have loved to have fondled those lovely big boobs and maybe got into her thong, after chatting together with a lot of sexual comments from both of the girls

Msria left us alone as she had a visitor waiting for her, there was a lot of whispering between the girls as she left, with Maria calling to me "see you later".

After about half an hour or so Sandra now wearing her little dress again took me next door, standing in the hallway we could hear sounds comming from the bed room, the door of which was open, looking in we could see Maria on the bed with a young man, they were kissing with him squeezing her boobs and pulling hard on her now erect nipples, his hand found its way down between her legs and his fingers disappeared into her now wide open fanny, they rolled over and with Maria on top he pushed his cock into her, she started to ride him, Sandra put her hand into my shorts onto my now very hard cock, massaging it, of course my hand gravitated to her fanny, finding her clit I rubbed and pulled on it until she started squirming and breathing hard. Watching the bedroom action, Maria was now on all fours with the young man taking her from behind untill we saw him pull out of her spraying his cum all over her bum and back, It was time for us to quietly leave.

Back in her lounge Sandra explained that Maria knew that we would be watching as it turned her on to be watched as indeed she thought it may do to her to, we couldn't wait any longer with both of us being so randy from the sight of what we had viewed, my cock was soon buried into her with us both fucking each other really hard, as we were about to climax I heard the door open but it was now too late for us to stop, Maria watched as Sandra noisily climaxed and I quickly followed, shooting deeply into her. After we had recovered we sat around naked talking, mostly about what we had all done and seen that evening, both girls saying that knowing they were being watched had enhanced their exprience's, and both wished to do it again, as it meant that I could see them both naked and hopefully have sex with them again I was certainly up for it.

The following morning before I left I kissed and fondled both women, and promised to return later that day, which I did, all I can say about that evening is that it turned out to be a very different experience for me.

Having read some of the excellent, well written stories on S H I hope that my true story has not been too boring for you to read.