Written by polycouple SW

15 Feb 2007

My wife and I (who is looking over my shoulder as I type) have long had a great marriage having agreed at the outset that monogamy was not our thing.

Over the years we have always told each other about people we were attracted to and in many instances where possible, we have helped one another to make the desire a reality.

We had always described ourselves as Polyamorous and not swingers, as usually our encounters are not fleeting and does involve dating, meeting up for coffee etc with our respective lovers and of course revisiting sex with that person more than once.

However during a trip to France last August we found ourselves enjoying a new experience....we call it sailing!!!

We boarded the morning ferry at Portsmouth headed for St Malo. Not the best ferry we had ever been on, and not te best one in the Brittany Ferries fleet. We parked the car and as usual went to the bar to have a few drinks, knowing we would be OK for driving when we reached the other side.

In the bar things were busy, and we looked for a seat and table, but to no avail.

We ended up sitting on the window ledge hoping a table would become free.

Near us sat at a table was a couple, early 50s he had grey short hair about 6' tall slim and she was shorter shoulder length chestnut hair, very brown and I was immediately attracted to her very loosely fitting dress which was made of lightweight material and similar in design to a bikini wrap you often see on the beach. I saw her very pretty feet were in little sandals and her toenails were painted dark blue. I also admired her very brown and shapely legs which I followed up to her thighs which were on show.

It was then that I realised how long I had been looking and by the time I looked her in the eye, it was obvious that she knew I had been admiring her from afar. She didn't smile at all, but after looking back at me she carried on a conversation with her husband.

"like what you see" said my lovely blond wife laughing. "sorry" I said feeling like I had been caught. And in an attempt to make amends I agreed to get more drinks.

Eventually I got served and returned with two mini bottles of red wine to our window. However on approaching my wife was missing.......she was now sat with the woman I had stared at and was chatting to her husband.

I approached the table which now had an empty chair for me, and as I did my wife introduced Pam and Mike. We soon got chatting away, my embarrassment faded and we found that they had a holiday home not too far from us in France.

It was after an hour or so that my wife uttered the codeword that we had used so many times, "Hun Id love a double vodka and tonic" Vodka And Tonic = V.A.T and meant Very Attracted To!! A small VAT meant the woman, A big VAT meant the guy and a double meant both!

Before I could go Mike suggested that we get a bottle of wine and that we sit in the comfort of their cabin, which they had for the crossing.

My wife laughed and asked which bunk she would be sitting on because she didn't like going on top!!! We followed our new friends through the ship and we ended up not in the usual type cabin but a "commodore" class cabin which was a nice room with a double bed, settee, shower and portholes.

We all sat and enjoyed more wine, while the subject of conversation turned to what people do in their 40s. This led to my wife showing her latest tattoo on her lower back which Pam and Mike admired. "Its really nicely done" said Pam stroking it. "You can keep that up until StMalo" teased my wife.

"Pam had her belly pierced for her 40th" said Mike and Pam undid her dress allowing us to see the gold ring that adorned her. "me too" said my wife untucking her t shirt from her skirt.

Pam again touched my wife's brown tummy circling the piercing, "very nice" she smiled.

My wife was on a roll, she obviously felt entirely happy and within a second she had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her cut off jeans, and was pulling them and her knickers partially down to reveal her secret tattoo which was nicely positioned near her pussy and depicted a lion.

"Nice pussy" laughed Pam, my wife didn't hesitate to lower her shorts further so that all of her lion could be seen, and now her own pussy was very much on show.

Pam instantly drew a finger over the outline of the lion at the same time I saw her looking at my wife's expression.

Pam knew instantly her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply.

Pam looked at me "mind me playing with your wife" I smiled back "she's my wife but she is also free".

Pam had now moved her fingers from the lion and was tracing the edges of my wife's pussy lips having slipped her shorts and pants down and off.

I watched transfixed as my wife opened her legs allowing Pam full access to her now much wetter pussy.

"I think your wife is going to be fucked" said Pam. I looked at my wife who was now enjoying Pams fingers inside her whilst caressing her own breasts. "good" I replied.

It was then that I saw Mike was undressed and was very erect. He approached the girls while Pam continued to enjoy herself, he slipped of her dress and bra.

Pam stopped and led my wife to the bed, and there she slipped her feet from her sandals and pulled down her own knickers.

My wife was undressed fully by Mike while Pam began to kiss and caress my wife's breasts.

My wife pulled Pam towards her enjoying the attention and the two fell back onto the bed. I loved to see my wife kissing Pam and in return caressing Pams very large tits with her own mouth.

I was then treated to the sight of Pam sliding down my wife's body kissing her as she went until inevitably she reached the place she longed to be. My wife writhed and moaned as Pams attention went on and on, and at this point Mike moved behind Pam. As my wife undulated from the result of Pams mouth and fingers, so Pam rocked against the attention of Mikes.

Soon I saw that Pams pussy lips were wet and Mike stood behind her. His ample cock was soon gently entering her, slowly and gently in time with the movement of the girls before him.

The cabin was now filled with the groans of my lovely wife and Pam while Mikes breathing was deep and loud.

I moved so as to get a better view, and soon I could see mikes cock was slipping deeply in and out of Pam for its entire length.

Meanwhile Pam was delivering the final wonderful licks to my wife that would shortly send her to ecstasy.

Pam had expertly opened my wife fully with her hand allowing her full access to her clit and knowing she was near to her orgasm she slipped 2 fingers inside her, to make the experience all the better.

As my wife arched her back I saw her shudder her body enjoying the involuntary spasm brought on by a deep orgasm.

Mike slipped his cock from his wife and kneeling at my wife's side Pam turned her attention to him taking his slippery member into her mouth. As she did my wife slid her hand up and down his shaft, faster and faster until moments later he pulled it from Pam and directed his orgasm over my wife's very erect nipples.

My wife closed her eyes with pleasure as his hot seed splashed on her chest.

Pam with Mike then massaged the result of their labour into my wife, making her glisten.

Pam smiled at my wife, "shall we treat them" she asked producing 2 condoms.

My wife giggled "think we should" and I was then treated to being undressed by Pam and the condom rolled down my straining cock. I looked over to see my wife doing the same for Mike.

"He is going to fuck your wife" she said "And you are going to watch while you fuck his wife"

Mike was already between my wifes legs which were wrapped around him as he served her. however soon my wife was kneeling on the bed with Mike stood behind her.

Opposite Pam was knelt in a similar position and as I buried myself inside her, I could see Mike was doing the same.

Pam and my wife were groaning loudly and I watched my wife delighted with the cock that was inside her, which she rode beautifully. I saw that she played with her clit while she was unmercifully banged by mike. This was so incredible to see and hear my wife before me served very well by another man while I myself fucked his own wife.

I hung on for quite a while but as I saw Mike speeding his thrusts I too was ready to come. Pam had hooked her feet into the back of my legs and was pulling me into her as she began to writhe and I saw mike clench and ram himself as hard as he was able into my wife, every pulse of his orgasm was obvious by his grip of my wife's arse and long thrust as his cock emptied inside her.

Pam began to moan as she reached orgasm and I felt her inside grip my cock and Pulsate. My orgasm came moments later and I was pole axed at the ferocity and power it as I felt my sperm course through my cock and into Pam.

We stayed with Pam and Mike for the rest of the journey and I enjoyed the sight of my wife with Mike once more and I enjoyed the attention of Pam. We are not sure we were exactly Polyamorous that day, but we think we might take up sailing again in the future. Next time your on a ferry to France......keep an eye out....might be us.