Written by Paulrcouple

21 Apr 2011

We don't normally take any body back to our pub on the first meet had a bad time once with a guy but John new us with being a regular we don't play with customers normally that caused a problem once years ago.

We got back just a member of staff waiting for us we told her we had just given John a lift in our taxi she new john so that did not take much explaining she went we got a drink and sat at one of the posing tables out of view from the windows those of you that have come back you will know were i mean.

We got talking Jane was sat in the middle of us i put my hand on her thigh she opened her legs so i could get to her pussy she was very wet my finger slipped in easily Jane put her hand on his leg turned and started kissing him she stared to feel his cock over his jeans she managed to get it out it looked a good size i got mine out she started to wank us both. She got off her stool and went to the toilet and left us there with our cocks out he reached and got hold of mine started wanking me then down on his knees and put it in his mouth that's all it was just in his mouth he stopped sucking me and said that was the first time he had sucked a cock.

Jane came out of the toilet with nothing on stood in front of us and said do what you want with me we went upstairs to our bed room it was nice and warm we got our clothes off got Jane on the bed he said he had never seen a bald pussy before he started licking her i got on the bed and started kissing Jane she likes a lot of that then John started sucking me Jane said put some effort into it got John on the bed and started sucking him all you who have met us you know how she can suck cock.

John cock seemed to have doubled in size Jane got him on his back and straddle him he was feeling her tits i got hold of his cock rubbed it against her pussy lips pulled it back sucked it pulled it out of my mouth one big shot of spunk right up my nose i got it back in my mouth and finished him off.

He said he was sorry but he could not hold back any longer i got on Jane and fucked her i did not last to long i was so horny after i came John licked her clean it did not take Jane long to cum with being a young lad he had recovered he got Jane to stand and bend over he fucked her that way it did not take him long this time to cum and there was nearly as much as before running down her legs.

It was nearly three o'clock he got dressed i put my dressing gown on went down stairs with to let him out he asked if he could have a coke we had a chat at the bar asked if he could come again.

We what would Jane had said if i said no too a twenty year old.

Jane said she felt a bit guilty about it and would not be able to look his mother or father in the face they are customers as well.

Do you want too know about the day he came here and stayed the full day in our bedroom instead of going to uni and what he told us about his mother and father