Written by John

1 Jan 2013

The kids had left home. This gave my wife Dee and me greater chances for undisturbed sex. Dee has a 36C bust, is slightly sagging (but certainly no super drooper), Her bum is heavier then average and she has a big triangle of trimmed pubic hair which has a bikini line. Her skin is white, as she never sunbathes, because of an allergy.

Since we are getting older, it has become impossible for me to be a repeat performer. But that is no problem. Dee has a good appetite for sex. So we have perfected masturbating her to an art. We lie in bed, telling each other super sexual fantasies. This really brings her off. She says that orgasms now are much better than when she was young. Very often she scores them 10 out of 10. ( You can tell she is a teacher).

I always regretted not taking pictures of her naked when she was young. That did not happen mostly because she was rather prude when we got married. But fortunately she loosened up quite a bit.

During one of our masturbation sessions we fantasized about somebody making a video of us having sex. Afterward we discussed this. Doing it ourselves with static cameras was an option, but close-ups would be nicer. Actually the idea appealed to me, as we would have a record of our love-making and somebody else doing it added excitement. Dee at first was hesitant. But she reluctantly agreed.

I made the arrangement with somebody who was recommended to me.

We agreed that two persons would be videoing with my cameras. They would bring the lighting equipment. I would do the editing myself, as we did not want to appear recognizably on Internet.

Finally the appointed day was there. We took a shower together, washing each other. That got us in the mood, but we had to hold back. I sat in a chair while Dee dressed. God, she was sexy. She first put on a black garter belt. With her back towards me she bent over putting the first stocking on her foot and then pulling it up. She first leaned over fixing the rear garter, showing her breast. Then she turned towards me fixing the front garter. She repeated the performance with the other stocking. After that she put on red high heels and paraded in front of me swinging her hips. Wow! She was in the mood and so was I. Next she put on her thong with her back towards me. It always warms my heart seeing it disappear into her crack. She then put on a bra with open nipples. Hot stuff! I wanted to fuck her then and there. But I had to control myself. Putting on a silk blouse, which showed her protruding nipples, and a skirt just to the knee, She then paraded again in front of me, wiggling her butt. Yes, she was ready.

I quickly got dressed, having trouble fitting everything into my underpants, and we went downstairs. While waiting for our camera men, we had a drink. I suspect Dee needed that for courage, just like me.

We heard a car stop on the driveway. We walked to the window and saw two young man get out.

"My God, they are so young!" Dee said.

"Is that a problem?" I asked. She hesitated for a moment.

"No, I guess not".

I opened the door to them. The first guy was Alex, who apparently was the leader. His mate was a black guy named Roy. He was very quiet. They brought their equipment in.

We first sat down to get acquainted and had a drink. We agreed that Alex would be the director. He gave us some advice. Look into the camera when you can, with your eyes opened if possible. Avoid hair between your face and the camera. If you feel like saying something or, better, making noise, do. Accentuate any moaning and groaning.

He started taking over and proposed that we get on with it. First he said he would like to see what Dee wore under her skirt and asked her to lift it and turn around. Dee got a red face, but obeyed. He looked approvingly. "I like the looks of that" he said.” smiling. “What kind of bra are you wearing?” Dee opened a few buttons and showed a cup with her nipple sticking out. “Ah, very sexy!” he said.

We went upstairs to our bedroom. We had removed all articles which might identify us. Alex and Roy put up the equipment and I gave them the cameras.

Alex explained to me that he had a simple story line. First Dee would get a phone call, where I tell her I'm coming home to have sex. Then, when she is still by herself, she starts undressing and pleasing herself , then I come in and have sex with her in all kinds of positions. Sounded like a good idea to me, even though Dee looked a bit subdued.

"Alright?" I asked her.

"Oh yes" she said, not totally convinced.

Then Alex told me it would be best if I waited outside the bedroom and that he would call me on my cell phone when I had to come to the room. I was taken aback by that, but somehow I agreed.

I went to the next room, my study.

For the next three quarters of an hour voices interspersed with silences. Mainly I heard Alex' voice with Dee's voice once in a while asking something and did I hear her making sex noises? I was getting worked up a bit.

Then I got the call. I came into our bedroom. I found three very cheerful people. Alex' camera was aimed at me and Dee was lying on the bed with her legs spread and fingering her clit. Roy was videoing her. I swallowed. I don't know what I expected, but this was a bit much.

“Oh honey” she said, “I am so horny, I want to fuck you so badly!”. I did not lose any time undressing, while Alex filmed me. Needless to say I had a huge erection.

Dee sat at the edge of the bed, spread her legs and invited me to stand in front of her.

Later on, while editing, I found out what had happened in my absence. At first Dee was made to sit in front of the mirror combing her hair. Then the phone rang and she “talked” to me. She then stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, looking shyly at the camera. There she stood with her nipples sticking out. She moved her hands slowly over the upper part of her body. Reaching her breasts and pinching her nipples. She then reached behind her back to undo her bra. I love it when a woman then lets her bra slide forward to show her breasts. Apparently Alex was not satisfied with the way she did it, as he made her do it two more times. The third time she obviously was getting more used to it. She was the told to move her hands over her body towards her breasts holding them up to the forward camera. There also was a camera videoing her from the side. She attempted to suck her nipples, but she couldn't reach them.

She then slowly unzipped her skirt and let is slide to the floor. She was a sight on high heels, with stockings, garter belt and thong. She paraded back and forth. Swinging her hips. Sexy!

She then turned her back towards a camera and slowly lowered her thong. While bending over her pussy lips showed. After she stepped out of her thong she put her feet apart and went on her haunches. A camera was behind her moving to a low position. Her slightly hairy labia were hanging down, after all they are getting a bit flabby. Alex told her to start rubbing her slit slowly. After a while she was told to go to the armchair in our room and start humping the arm rest, swinging her hips and grinding her clit in a circular motion. One camera went into close-up from the back. It showed her labia being distorted. Her buttocks were changing shape all the time and the muscles in her thighs were rippling. Her vagina opening was opening and closing continually. Her anus was exposed and then hidden by her clenching buttocks. After a short period Dee started to make noises, which were getting louder. And I wasn't there. But there were two young guys filming all this!

Alex told her to stop and take a stance with her feet widely apart pointing outwards. She was then told go down with her torso upright. A camera from the front concentrated on her genital area. Her neatly trimmed bush did not prevent a good view of her clit and vagina. What a lovely sight.

Now she was directed by Alex to go on our bed on hands and knees. She had to put the side of her face on the bed, stick her bottom in the air and start fingering herself again. Alex' camera was doing the close-up of her cunt, while Roy was doing her face and swinging tits. Again she started making sexual noises after a few moments. “Keep going” Alex said. “I love doing this” Dee said. Alex and Roy laughed. “We can tell” Roy said.

After a while Alex told her to stop. They took a bit of a rest and talked a bit. Then Alex told her to lie on the bed, spread her legs and start fingering herself. Dee did not hesitate for a moment. Apparently all shyness was gone. Roy videoed her groin and Alex did the side. But then he said that it was time to call me in.

As I came in I swallowed. I was faced with the spectacle of Dee lying on the bed, her legs apart, smiling at me. Alex was filming me and Roy was filming Dee. Somehow I had not thought this project all the way through.

Alex told me to get undressed. Needless to say I did not lose any time, as I was very, very horny by now.

“what I want you to do is lick her clit, dipping your tongue into her vagina once in a while” Alex told me. I gladly obliged. I lay between her legs and started to do what I was asked. Dee was breathing more and more heavily. And I was getting quite excited to.

“Keep doing that” she said to me, “I love that”.

After a while Alex told us to do a 69 with me on the bottom. I lay down and Dee arranged to go down on me. As she was shifting her bottom left and right, she approached my face. Finally she pressed down. I just love that. Being caught beneath her cunt, smelling her sexual smell. At the same time she started sucking seriously on my dick. As usual she was doing a superb job. I could feel the sap rising. After a while we had to stop, as we wanted to cum in the missionary position. We paused and then she spread her legs and raised them. I moved between them and positioned my penis against her pussy lips. Alex was filming our faces and Roy our groins, taking different angles all the time. “Come into me and give me your seed” Dee told me hastily. I slid in and started pumping . First slowly and then faster and faster. “Keep going, I love it” she said. “Come on, come on”. I was getting tired, but her encouragement helped. I kept pumping. “I am coming, I am coming” she suddenly screamed. Luckily so was I. We both grunted and moaned loudly. “Oh lovely. I can feel the seed” she said breathlessly, as I was pumping it with several pushes into her.

I was exhausted and collapsed on her. “Thanks. That was lovely” I said. “That was fantastic. I haven't had such a great orgasm for a long time” she whispered.

I turned over and lay next to her. We both were silent for a while, as Alex and Roy were still filming.

“Darling” she said after a few moments. “Yes?”. “I am still very horny and want some more sex!” I was puzzled. “I don't think I can manage that now. I am really exhausted”. “I know, that is why I want to fuck Alex and Roy”. “Huh?” At this moment I had the weirdest sensation I ever felt. I felt shocked, shaken, but with a strange excitement. My heart started beating very fast, I was shaking, but suddenly I knew I liked what she was saying. “Are you sure?” I asked with a dry throat. “Very sure” she said.

I did not know what to do. Finally I asked the guys: “Are you up for it?”. They sure were.

Alex said that I could video together with whoever was not fucking. I first would film them undressing. They did that very fast. What a spectacle. They both had huge erections. But Roy was very big. Indeed he speaks softly, but carries a big stick. Dee looked in amazement at his dick. “My God” she said, “I think you better go last, just so I get stretched as much as possible”.

Alex gave us directions. He told Dee that, if possible, it would be nice if she were describing what was happening to her, as she looked into the camera. And I would be holding the camera on trained on her face.

Dee lay on her back, spread her legs again and raised the. “Come on Alex, fuck me. And I want your seed inside me”. Oops, I had not thought of that. But again the idea suddenly excited me very much.

She turned her face to my camera. “He is going to fuck me bareback. He is putting his penis against my pussy lips. I can feel it. Now he is slowly pushing in. He is sliding in your cum. Push. Push.”. She was getting very flushed again. “Ah. Lovely. Start pumping Alex”. Alex started moving. Again first slowly. “You are a slut. I love fucking sluts. Wait for my seed. I am going to dump it into you. Right where your husband's seed is” Alex panted. He was getting very excited. Too fast actually. “Hold back, I am not there yet” Dee told him hastily. “Slow down”. Alex slowed down. Dee started breathing faster and deeper after a while. “Ok, now I am ready for you. Tell me when you are going to come”. She looked in to the camera. “For the first time some stranger is fucking me and is going to dump his seed into me. I love it, I love it”. Her breaths were getting deeper and faster. Suddenly Alex said “I am going to come, I am coming, I am coming”. Dee looked at my camera. “He is shooting it into me. Arrgh, I'm coming. Give it to me Alex. I feel it. Keep going”. Alex pumped several times with deep grunts, releasing his seed into my wife. I was shaking. This was a grand experience I had never had before. I was shaking all over. Dee lay there looking at me, with a super smile. “That was terrific and super. Jeez. Fucking IS nice, but I never knew how nice”. She laid there, looking exhausted for a little while.

Then she looked at Roy. “Your turn to fuck me”. She spread her legs and looked at him as he positioned himself between them. “Please get in slowly”. While Alex videoed her cunt she looked at my camera. “The first time in my life I'm going black. I can't wait to do it”. As Roy push against her pussy lips she grimaced. “Careful, you're big”. As she pulled her pussy lips apart he very slowly pushed in and then retreated a bit, repeating the pattern several times. Finally she said: “You're in. Start moving slowly at first”. She looked at my camera and said “I'm going to enjoy this”. Roy started moving slowly and increased his speed. He must have been rubbing her insides very well, as very soon she started looking very flustered and began to breathe very heavily. “Oh, Oh I love this. Keep going. I fucking love this. Give it to me. Give it to me”. Roy must have been rather horny from all he had seen before, because very soon he began panting heavily. But before he could come Dee suddenly said: “I'm fucking coming, I'm coming, go on, go on, don't stop”. She suddenly screamed looking at the camera, eyes open. “Yes, yes, this is it, now give me your seed”. Roy suddenly gave some primeval grunt, and with several spasms, tightening his buttocks, pushed very deep into her, releasing his seed. After which he sighed several times very deeply. He rolled to one side and laid on his back, giving a very satisfied look. After a while Dee raised her self on her elbow and leaned over giving him a long kiss, probing his mouth with her tongue. “Thank you”, she said, “that was absolutely super. I have never been fucked so well in all those years”. I guess that put me in my place.

But Alex wasn't finished yet. He directed Dee to lie on her back with her legs apart and press the seed out of her cunt. He filmed it all, while the mix of our seed deposits slowly came out in white clots. Dee caught it with her fingers, put it in her mouth and swallowed it. Now that was sexy!

After she wiped herself, she proposed we all have a drink. We went downstairs naked. While we sat down she got us drinks stark naked, parading back and forth leaning over the table, showing us her rear-end with pussy lips and swinging tits. Judging by the erections Alex and Roy got, they were ready for another round. But Dee said she had had enough fucking for the day.

Later that day she told me that she wanted to continue with Alex And Roy, but only with my approval. I said I would agree, if I knew what was going on, in other words, if all their meetings were videoed and I got the video.

What happened next is another story.