Written by Paul

14 Feb 2014

I love taking my wife out to toilets to fuck in. We've done it several times now.

The other night we drove out to a service station area we've been to before. It's always fairly dirty and smelly in there as I don't think it's cleaned that often.

As usual I firstly went into the gents and checked there's no-one already in there. Then I beckoned my wife in from the car.

We went into the cubicle where I unzipped her skirt and fingered her until she came in her black panties.

Then she slipped them off and lay them on top of the cistern. She then straddled the toilet whilst I fucked her.

We then stepped out, leaving her panties behind. There were 2 men now in there having a slash, with their cocks in hand.

My wife then calmly went to the sink, with her skirt still wide open, no panties and her 8 strap suspender belt and seamed stockings in full view. As she washed her hands, one guy looked the other way whilst the other turned to have a good look still holding his cock.

So out we went to the car, both in a high state of excitement.

Up until now this is as far as it's gone. We enjoy the fact we've fucked with someone else close by and the fact my wife has shown herself off just after being fucked with spunk coming out of her. We also like the idea that someone will find her cum soaked panties and have a wank into them. We're both unsure of what we would do if someone actually wanted to join in.