Written by Polytunnel

15 Jul 2009

I visited Stamford again yesterday and bumped into an old friend, she was the nurse at the medical centre I attended when living in the area. We had a coffee and relived our meeting and sexual encounter at her house and how much we had both enjoyed the experience. Our small talk became somewhat dirtier than we had ever done before, and it was suggested that we return to her house for some fun. This is where she dropped the bombshell, that she was expecting her friend and her husband to call for lunch, so we couldn't "do much".

We retired back to her house and waited for her friends to arrive, in the meantime we had a kiss and cuddle and a blody good feel of each other, only to be disturbed by the closing of car doors. The freinds came in and to my surprise Judy was the lady that had joined us before when we had our first adventure in bed and also the girls first time of semi lesbian feelings. I was introduced to James, who asked how I knew the girls, I told him the Maureen had been my nurse at the doctors and we had met out of work. He laughed and said that I was the lucky sod who'd had both of the women at same time some 7 years earlier as Judy had already told him. As we had a cup of tea, he asked me all about the experience and were both ladies good. I admitted just how good and also unplanned it had been and given the chance would love to do it again, but it changed things with him being there. He assured me, from his side there would be no problem if the girls wishe to have a repeat performance and he would stay down stairs and wait and listen.

The girls were told of the situation, and although it was somewhat strange, the three of us went upstairs and began to kiss and cuddle and slowly undress. I lay on the bed and kissed Maureen all over and she still had the sweetes tasting pussy that I had ever had, I looke to one side and Judy was playing with herself having three fingers in her fanny and squeezing her nipples. In an instant Maureen raised herself up and began to suck my cock and as I lay on my back Judy slid her pussy to my mouth to be licked and sucked. I was on the verge of coming and eased away from Maureen and slid into her now very wet and juicy pussy, this was sheer heaven. As I rode her I was also able to suck the tits of both women, just as Judy informed me that her husband was now in the doorway watching what was happening, I glance round to see him with a smile on his face that was sheer lust and his cock in his hand. I eased out of Maureen and entered his wife and as I was pleasuring her I felt the bed move and her husband was behind trying to shove his cock into my arse, something I had never done before. In the heat of the moment he entered me and his movements were in synch with mine and his wifes, I could not resist and shot my load into her fanny as he shot his load into my arse. As I eased out of Judy with my cock dripping Maureen slid over to lick me clean and get me hard again to fuck her. As I entered her Judys husband was licking her clean and then put his mouth and togue to my arse to lick me and rim me. I could not stop myself and shot into Maureen and lay by her side.

Both the girls leaned over to kiss me and fondle my now limp cock, there hands were pushed away by Judys husband who placed his mouth over me and began to suck and lick and when he could, he said jusy how much he had always wanted to see his wife fucked and also wanted to fuck another man and could I nor fuck him. This was not my scene, but the girls both said they would love to watch 2 men having some fun in order that they could also have fun. We played for another 2-3 hours with cocks and tongues in all different places.

We are now going to meet on a regular basis, although I did spend that night with Maureen and we played with her toys and tried some bondage play.