Written by Den

21 Apr 2008

I am at the afters of a wedding, on my own. After having exchanged the usual greetings with the bride and groom I find a seat and settle in for the evenings entertainment. The band starts playing and, surprisingly, turn out to be pretty good. As I sip a drink my eyes wander around the room and I am immediately struck by a woman sitting at the table across from me. She is wearing a sheer red blouse and a tight black skirt to the knee, black stockings and long shiny black leather knee-high boots with very high heels. She is like the complete antithesis to the bride dressed in white, desirable, mysterious and totally sexy. I try not to stare at her but she looks like every one of my fantasies made flesh, I want her, I wonder if she has any idea of the effect she is having on me. Our eyes meet and we smile at each other, we hold each others stare for as long as manners allow then return to our drinks. A while later, I notice the woman has left her table and joined the crowd watching the band. People are moving and dancing to the music, I glance over and see her standing alone watching the band, she is gently swaying to the rhythm of the music, she looks so hot I know it won't be long before some guy starts chatting to her, I know its now or never. I decide to wander up and join the crowd, as I approach her I can feel my dick has grown hot and heavy from just watching her dance, fortunatly it has not begun to get so hard that I cannot walk without people staring at my bulge. I take my place behind this woman, while all eyes are supposed to be on the bride, I cannot take my eyes off of this woman. I notice the shape of her neck, her shoulders, how see-through her blouse is, from here I can see she is wearing red satin lingerie underneath. As my eyes drift lower, I admire how taut her skirt is over her perfect ass. The material is so sheer I can make out that she is wearing a thong and the straps of her suspenders are visible through the skirts thin, shiny material also. Down I look. her boots are fitted tight to her calf and look like they are made of very fine expensive soft black leather which hugs tight to the shape of her lower legs. The heels are so high that they force her butt up and out only serving to emphasizing its beautiful shape, and making it look all the more desirable and ravishing. I have been so busy admiring the view that I was unaware of how in such an aroused a state I was becoming, that is until the crowd move and the woman in front of me steps back and bumps straight into my hardening bulge. She turns around, and instead of a slap across the face, she throws me the biggest smile. She remains where she is and turns to face the band again while continuing to groove along to the music. My heart is beating like a drum, as her firm butt crushes against my crotch. As she sways left to right her cheeks caress and play against me. I boldly place my hands on her hips, I let my fingers flick her suspenders to let her know I am enjoying this dance, she pushes back harder into me. The lights are low enough so that when she raises her hands as she moves to the music I cheekily slide my own hand up from her waist and around to cup her full, firm breasts, then replace my hands on her hips, no one could see what had just happened. However I can tell she is begining to become turned-on also. She turns her head and we quickly kiss, I take this as a signal to progress further. I notice that her tight skirt has tiny buttons all up the back so I decide to throw caution to the wind and reach down and start to unbutton them, lowest first, one at a time. Slowly but surely I am opening up the split in the back of her skirt. I do it carefully, slowly, to double check she is aware what is happening with each button undone. Her grinding and crushing against me seems to get more frenzied so I am emboldened and continue opening her skirt. Slowly I am revealing more and more of those heavenly legs and finally I can see her gorgeous ass exposed. I can see how great she looks from behind, her thong, her suspenders, her stockings are all expensive and only add to my intense erection, which is aching to be released from my tuxedo pants. Her Skirt flaps open wider and wider, she seems to be enjoying swaying her hips to the beat, her open skirt allowing her more freedom to move. Only one button remains in place, but I don't want to embarass her by letting her skirt fall open completly, this is just a private viewing for me alone. By now it is open far enough for me to get my hand on her ass, to move it in around the side of her hip, her skin feels so soft and smooth, flawless. I can feel the lace of her thong and her taut suspender straps. I am so excited now I take a huge gamble and unzip my pants, no one notices as I swiftly take my engorged dick out and place it in underneath the cover of her tight skirt, It bobs around undercover. The senstive exposed tip can feel her smooth skin of her ass, the material of her skirt and her stocking tops rub against it. I take another chance and use the strap of her suspender to hold it in place against her cheek while she continues to dance. Her head turns again and we kiss with more hunger now, her hand reaches back and squeezes my thigh, her nails dig into my muscle as she feels how hard my legs are, all that running has made them hard as rock and she moans with pleasure. The music, the lights the sensation are all too much and quite quickly I can feel I am going to come. I whisper this to her, but maybe the music drowns out what I say, but I think I can hear her hiss, 'Yes'. I bite my lip, I try to hold back but it is no good, her hips sway side to side in time to the music, I am a prisoner to her movements, the rear strap of her suspenders pulls and streches as my penis throbs against her ass. I long to be inside her but not here in public, although in the dim light and confusion no one would notice. This thought has just gone through my mind when, I feel her hand reach behind her and gently cup my balls. She squeezes, first the right then moves to the left, I assume now that she can tell I have not had any release in quite a while, judging by their size. However, I am also aware that this is all getting out of my remaining in control, she senses this and removes her hand and continues her erotic dance. Before I get a chance to catch my breath I realise it is too late to stop now, there is no way I can hold back or stop what is going to happen, with that I suddenly and violently start cumming, I feel myself gush all over her beautiful ass, and all down the inside of her stockinged legs and onto her shiny, black knee-high boots. When I finish, I brazenly re-button her skirt, kiss her on the neck and thank her for the dance. 'I need to go to my room to get changed she says, its number 38b. I think I need to lie down for a while.' 'Do you have a headache?' I inquire. 'I think I could just feel a big on coming on back there' she replies with a smirk. 'See you in ten minutes then?' I ask. 'Make it five and we have a deal.' you joke. The rest of the night people assume the noises coming from room 38B are those of the newly wedded couple, how wrong can they be......