Written by James

25 Aug 2018

At a wedding last August ,reception was held in a love.y old hotel large grounds I’m 61 and my wife is 60 still very attractive has put little wdight on over the last few years a size 16 still horny though nice tits and always well groomed .

Loves to flirt more so when had a few drinks we had been at reception a good few hours couldsee hergetting more intoxicated so was keeping eye on her what though with chatting to people I couldn’t see her anywhere looked all around hall then went out to gardens made way down to the summer house and there she was .

On a wooden bench seat with our freinds eldest son who’s 22 not only him but one of he’s freinds as well they where all over her

Had her tits out knickers where around her ankles Hands all over her I watched fromthe cover of some trees so excited they done everything but fuck fingered her both together at one point ,licked and sucked her breast and pussy could her her moaning with pleasure

Felt guilty because I was so turned on watched as she wanked and sucked them both they cum on her Facein her hair dirty Bitchlovedit talking real filth to them

I returned to the reception and was there good 5 mins before she returned as if nothing happened never been so excited don’t know if to tell her what I saw