Written by WAM

28 Aug 2008

I have been married twenty years but need to tellsomeone of my wedding day/night. Lets just say the best man was definately the best. We stayed in the hotel where the wedding dinner was and all was merry. Around 9pm I told my hubby I would go up and change out my wedding dress. On way up stairs holding very long train and pressies struggling after many glasses of champs. Our best man and best friend came to my res help me. He helped me into the wedding suite and I asked him to assist unzipping my dress as it was difficult. We looked at each other and when he unzipped me I dont know what came over me but I let the wieght of it fall direct to the floor leaving me in white basque stockings. He gasped and stood looking at me. He lent forward and said you look beautiful today he is so lucky. I kissed him and he held my waist. He lifted me onto the bed and quickly removed my knickers. i was kissing him frantically telling him to fuck me as I also wanted him and I was so horny. He unzipped and out came his hard cock and he slid inside me. It was the best feeling over and I almost came instantly. My boobs were out and he was kissing and sucking them. he soon shot his load inside and. Kissed me. he left and I cleaned myself up and got dressed. i went back to my party with my new husband and never spoke of it again. I did have sex with hubby that night but it wasnt as exciting and I have never forgotton my best man.