Written by Squrtandticle

25 Jun 2016

We are a couple in our early 60's, we have been married for over 40 years and have a very sexy relationship still. we have just attended a wedding that took place in one of the country house establishment's that have become popular in recent years.

My little treasure was dressed very smartly as such an occasion merit's, shaped summer dress little bolero cardigan type top stockings and heels. The ceremony went well and we survived the speeches etc and arrived at the evening do already quite Tipsy?

I had noticed my wife had attracted the attention of a young man of about 35 who was in dress uniform. She did not seem to mind and I thought she was happy enough to enjoy his attention's? the dancing started and the night progressed, I have never been a Dancer and was happy to watch the younger generation(the females esp!) in their finery strutting their stuff.

My wife was of course dancing with her friend's and more often than not the young man was in attendance. On one of her visit's back to our table I asked her if she fancied him? She said she " wouldn't mind ?" I then had to sit and watch her with him on the dance floor, Wondering? Of course we are both smoker's and now have to go outdoor's for the cigarette often enough.

it was later in the evening while on such a journey that I misplaced them. I felt that mild panic in my stomach? Where is she??

Any of you that like to watch your wife having sexual encounter's with other men do not like to be cheated out of your guilty pleasure. Off I went, outside to the smoking area? nope! she/they were not there, back into the dance, scanning the floor I could not see her. Fuck! where are they? I can not be the only man ever to have this experience? Is she ? Panic set in. I started pacing the floor, outside to the smoking area inside to the bar then back outside. I found them coming back around the corner from the car park Holding hand's. She was looking sheepish as she does, He was petrified and stood back a bit ready to run? I asked her straight,"does he want to fuck you "? She of course know's I like to watch discreetly while she get's a new cock up her so was not surprised. But the look on her face told me a story. " he has fucked you already?" I asked. "Yes"

she sighed apologetically . I was gutted and excited all at once. I took her back to the car park and fucked her wet pussy in the same place he had fucked her not 5 minutes before me. We are so happy together and I love her to bit's, we look forward to attending more exciting parties in the future.