Written by Deanne

8 Sep 2009

This is not a story about my CD exploits. For once I was doing the shagging. Last Saturday, whilst at a wedding, I received a present the bridegroom would have been pleased with.

Before the church service, I exchanged a smile or two with a slim, attractive, single and well dressed lady in her late 40’s/early 50’s. We had a brief conversation during the afternoon reception, and that was that I thought. About 8 pm, I stepped outside for a couple of cigs and saw ‘Angela’ (name changed) stood on her own in the garden area. I said hi, but her response amazed me. As her hand brushed my groin area, she asked “are you smoking”, and she did not mean a cig. My rapidly rising cock gave her an immediate answer. We walked (rather sprinted) further into the darker parts of the garden, and found a secluded spot whereupon I grabbed her, kissed her long and hard, squeezed her breasts, and slipped my hand up her dress to find she had black hold ups, but (to my disappointment) no sussies.

Meanwhile she had got my cock out, stroked it, and then dropped to her knees and took it into her mouth. God, was she good. She was able to bring me almost to spurting, then released me for a minute or so, before starting again. She said that this ensured that she would get a good fucking. I was ready and so was she. I pulled her to her feet, and unzipped her black dress, to reveal a black lace bra and thong which barely covered her tits and pussy. I slipped my fingers into her sopping pussy, whilst she squeezed her breasts & nipples. ‘Fuck me’ she said and I needed no second invitation. She laid down on the grass, I slid into her and she came almost immediately. ‘Doggy style’ she instructed and flipped over onto all fours. In again, she was insatiable but she knew when I was ready to explode, since she pulled off my raging cock, swung round and told me to cum on her face. Now, how could I refuse, so I spurted all over her. Most of it went in her mouth, which she duly swallowed, whilst the rest I licked off her face. “Thank you, I needed that” she said.

With that she put her dress on and returned to the reception. We did not speak again, although she gave me a brief smile as she left later. I doubt if I will see her again, but what a memory. Crossdressing is good fun but you cannot beat shagging a hot beautiful woman.