Written by bill

13 Sep 2015

We went to London for the weekend, we hadn't been for years. We used to go a lot for the the early years, like most men on this site I always wanted to watch my wife with another man. But she would have none of it, we left the hotel and wander around looking at all the sites. Then the heavens opened up, we found a pub and sat down. I got a bottle of wine the place was packed, we had a table for four and a guy said could be share the table with us. Of course, he was about our age and smartly dressed, we carried on talking and my wife took her coat off. As she sat down her dress fell slightly open, I think he got a glimpse of her stockings, he said he was getting another drink and could we keep an eye on his brief case. No problem, he left and I said to my wife I think he saw the tops of your stockings. She agreed, I bet he'd like a better view, stop it I know what you're thinking. He started to chat with us usual sort of things, where do you live, what do you do, are you here for long. He said he was of to the bar, and returned with a bottle of wine. Which he shared with us, my wife was getting more drunk and she was moving her legs around, I'm sure he could see her knickers . He said it's a shame about the weather,we agreed. What can you do on a day like this, to my surprise my wife said we were going to the cinema. Sounds like a good idea, any particular film, in a slur she said we don't care. I couldn't believe it, she stood and went to the loo, sorry but she's had to much to drink, we all do it you could be in for a good time, bet you won't see much of the film, I wish it was me. She returned and picked up her glass and said why don't you come with us, he looked surprised looked at me and I just nodded. We entered the cinema and she went off to the loo again, he said are you sure about this I know you were in for a bit of groping. Not a problem but you must know I don't mind you watching, this will be a first for us it's probably because she's had a few drinks. We went in and found some seats, we settled and the lights went down, she stood up and removed her coat and snuggled back down facing me. Her legs were facing him, we started kissing and she seemed very passionate, you know know he be watching you, with that she opened her legs so her stockings tops were showing and I touched her breasts through her dress, I could see he was watching and told her, I don't mind I moved her dress over and rubbed her through her her Knickers, I moved them over and put two fingers in, let him take over, she moved around and left her dress open. We didn't realize he was already wanking, she reached over and took hold of him. His hand went straight into her knickers she opened her legs even more, his arm was moving back and forward, he moved her knickers down to her stocking tops and put three fingers in. I was wanking and couldn't last much longer, her hand was working him so hard he must come soon. She was getting quite noisy, I knew she was close and soon she came. She finished him off, I've never seen so much come go so far over her dress stockings, and knickers. We came back to reality and left, we went to the nearest pub for a drink, I went to the bar and brought the drinks back, she was sitting opposite him and her legs were open so he could see her knickers, as I sat down she closed her legs. Leave them open she didn't need asking twice, he said he could see a wet patch,I want to fuck your wife. And I think you want to watch, yes and she will be happy as well, we went back to the hotel . I sat on the chair and watched as he fucked her , I was wanking again into her knickers, he was close to coming and pulled out and she sucked him off. I could see the come dripping out of her mouth, she said come over ,and she finished me off in her knickers. He left and the rest of the weekend we only talked about our experience, I asked her is this a one off. No I can't believe I've left it so long, but I wouldn't do anything without you there. I let you know about any future happening.