Written by allan

10 Sep 2010

Hi again after reading the comments I thought I would let you know some of the things we got up to after that new year dance

I have always like sex outdoors and we have been doing it for a while but after seeing liz doing it with a stranger outside it changed I wanted to see her like that again.

I have drove to a few car parks and we have played about with the hope something would happen like getting caught I have had liz in all steps off undress at times even naked outside the car but nobody came along it took to our sumer holiday for us to start having some more fun.

We went down to the beach every day and tried to find a quiet bit of beach not to crowded we had to go further and further along the beach and the 5th day we walked quite a bit and it was a lot quieter and it then we realized everyone was naked Liz wanted to go back I told her not to be stupid everyone was the same and I stripped off liz lay in her costume after a while I told her that she was looking out of place as she was the only one with something on she looked around and said yes but it looked like she was the only female.

I said lets go along to the beach bar and have some lunch then thinking if she has a few glasses of wine she would be more relaxed we sat there for over a hour and I made sure Liz had a few glasses then we made our way back to where we had been sunbathing.

When we got back there were a few more couples about now I told liz look there are other females now so would she take her costume off now and told her that she had a better figure than any of the others i could see and kept on at her she said ok but felt strange doing it when she took it off she turned on her front.

I thought this might be fun as a few guys had walked real close and i could see them looking at liz I asked her if she wanted some cream on her back so she wouldn't get burnt and I started to rub it in I saw a guy watching me and i got all horny and had turn so he could not see but as I was rubbing the cream to the back off her legs I slipped my hand between them and liz was all wet I asked her if she was enjoying that she just nodded I was enjoying it as well and kept it up and didn't realize that a guy had sat down a short distance down from us and could see what i was doing Liz asked why I had stopped I told her i was making sure nobody was around and put a bit more cream on her ass and let it run between her cheeks then started to rub again Liz opened her legs to give me more room.

I sort of looked to where the guy was laying and he must have been able to see right between liz's legs I was so horny i new i was nearly cumming and had been fingering her like mad she started to moan and he leg come right up and e both seemed to cum together.

I laid back and told her that was so horny she said I new you were trying to get me tipsy to do something like that I said you never stopped me i told her i would need to go for a swim to clean myself and asked if she would come she told me no she couldn't walk down to the water like that If she new that a guy had sat a few yards away and must have seen her pussy wide open more than he would see if she was standing up walking.

I went for a swim and cleaned up a bit and it was getting late so when i got back Liz had packed our thing and was dressed so we headed back to the hotel

I never told liz about the guy and wondered if he would be there tomorrow that night we both were still horny it was good I could not wait to get to the beach again.

Next day I told liz I wanted to go back to where we were yesterday and she didn't mind I thought great when we got there it was a bit windy so we looked for a bit of shelter from the wind and had to into the dunes a bit beside some bushes and trees which was good as it gave some shade.

I stripped off and saw that liz had stripped as well i said you are not so shy today she told me it was because it was more hidden from others this time I thought mmm not so good but i was still happy liz was naked this time we lay in the sun but I found it to hot and went for a walk i was quite a bit away and saw two guys looking over some bushes and strolled over to see what they were trying to see I got round from where they were and came across a couple laying there naked and she was giving him a blow job wow i went real hard and looked to where the guys were and could see them wanking watching what was happening.

When I got back and i passed a few guys walking about and thought they must just be looking to see what is happening in the dunes I told Liz I had seen a couple having sex in the dunes she smiled and said you got all you are getting yesterday

I thought right lets see when you have had a few wines and said ok its lunch time and made our way to the beach bar.

Liz told me she was not having to many glasses this time but once she had a couple it is to late.

When we got back after lunch i told her she looked a bit red and should put some cream on so she started to put the cream on her front and I stud behind and was putting it on her back and could see a guy watching us so i started to help liz do her front she said stop it you are getting all horny I told her it was seeing that couple earlier and would she do the same to me, ok but that the last and she knelt down and had me in her mouth with the guy watching it was so horny i new i wasn't going to last and had my head back trying to hold on and when i looked the guy was only about 6feet away and wanking like mad i came in her mouth just as he blew his load all over the sand, liz looked up at me and saw me looking behind her and saw the guy walking away she asked if he had seen us I told her yes and he had cum just behind her.

All that afternoon we hardly spoke buy I was thinking how much i had enjoyed it and gave liz a bit of a cuddle she said you have had enough today but i was rubbing her tits and i new she was starting to enjoy it so I gave her clit a stroke and yes she was all wet I kept rubbing her and thought ok better let her enjoy this time she was letting her leg fall open a bit and i was opening her pussy to have a look she was ok now and just lay back I looked around and yes I could see someone in the bushes again I got between her legs and started to lick her clit and she had her hands on my head pulling me in I thought ok lets see what happens now I got up beside her and was pulling her legs apart and put her hand down on her pussy and i told her that there was a guy watching her play with herself she was rubbing like mad and i was holding her pussy lips wide open and just looking at how wide it looked all puffed up she arched her back and came like mad I started to wank over her and came on her tits I looked round and again the guy had came within a few feet of us to look it must have been horny.

The next week or so we had lots of fun.