Written by Wife

22 May 2011

My husband has spoke before about group sex and I know he was keen, but although I liked the idea I am very shy and he knew he would need to instigate anything. Well having 2 teenage children we are not alone much but last weekend they went away on camp with school- just 2 nights but my husband booked us into a little lodge with private hot tub and sauna.

When we booked in everything was great and I was so excited to be alone with Hubby. But first things first, as I unpacked Hubby went to hire towels from the owner at reception. When he got back I was sat on the bed, the owner was with him, my Hubby came over and kissed me lowering me into a laying down position, doesn't he know the owners in the doorway? I thought. I'm 34 and Hubby 43. But this guy was easily in his 60s if not older. As Hubby lay me down he hitched up my skirt saying "shh good girl, no talking" I closed my eyes and my husband must have called the guy over... They started talking like I wasn't there!! My husband showing me off... "like the panties mate?, go on slip your hand in" then to me "shhh, don't wanna hear any words" the guy fingered me bringing me off so easily, then he got rougher deep finger fucking me till his whole fist was up me! All the time my Hubby calling me his good little girl and stoking my hair. "wanna taste before you fuck her? Hubby asked and he didn't need a further invitation!! Hold her still the guy commanded! My husband held my thighs down, I came so much as he worked his Tongue on me, I had now changed from being his good girl to a slut and my husband was saying... You want more don't you, you like this old guy using you... You wanna be my slut!! To my surprise this was turning me on do much yes yes I shouted! My husband pushed his cock deep into my mouth saying "I told you not to speak now suck on this you slut and shut up! I had never known him to be like this but fuck it was good!! I sucked and took him cock deep. My husband came quickly filled my mouth as I tried so hard to swallow it all but not being able to. As my husband pulled out the guy turned me over and slapped my arse hard," you ungrateful slut he said what a waste! Then holding my head low he tool me doggy style ramming into be till he said take it you slut as he emptied into me! Once he'd cum he pulled out slapped my arse again and went over to my Hubby, cheers mate he said you weren't wrong.. You still up for hot tub fun later... Yeah mate see you at 7. I slept a while then my husband told me the guy was coming back at 7 with his wife!