Written by ricky

25 Feb 2011

my wife and our friends booked a weekend in a hotel in newtonmore scotland !!!! well this hotel had a sauna and swimming pool my wife doesnt like saunas neither does our friends hubby so we decided not to bother! but saturday afternoon led to a few drinks where i came up with the idea off me and ruby going for a sauna ! her hubby was all for it just me and ruby going

! so we went to reception and asked about the sauna ! it turned out to be in a seporate room it was very small only big enough for four max !!! well we got the key for the room leaving caroline and mike to have a few drinks ! in the sauna room was a shower and a pile off towels just for a laugh i said no swim wear just towels as quick as a flash ruby agreed

i sat below ruby she asked if i wanted a massage !off course i said she started at my shoulders and did my back before removing my towel

soon she had hold off my cock and was wanking it slowly

i soon shot a load off cum over her hand

now its my turn to massage you i said i started at her shoulders worked down her back and finished at her toes she was soaking wet as i fingered her to orgasam