Written by AlKaz

2 Aug 2018

Shorter than our normal offerings Just setting the scene. Enjoy.

28th September and Kaz had been for a pussy waxing session after work I’d prepared our evening meal and was just contemplating starting myself when she appeared.

Straight upstairs changed and down again usual tee shirt and joggers. “Smooth enough” she enquired lowering bottoms and briefs to halfway down her thighs , her left index finger circling her clit hood as I watched. “ I thought we were abstaining until tomorrow” I pointed out .

We’d agreed this at the start of the week and I’d stuck to my part even avoiding a Rachel blowjob the day before. Kaz sleeping habits were giving her away as she had had either the sheets or my leg as a dry hump the last two nights.

"What do you think ??" a now commanding tone. I stepped over and ran my hand over what I knew would be a perfectly smooth and hairless mound my index finger gently running over her outer labia. She was soaking. Mmmm she groaned . “Sorry. There’s a new girl at the salon and whether its because I’ve not been touched for four days but I’m sure she lingered too long around the clit and slit area” “Either your imagination or she’s a little perv” I ventured “Long black hair C size tits size about 14 age around 40 She can perv on me as much as she wants” . .Kaz sighed and pulled up her clothes. We sat down to eat . On reflection quite funny both determined to save ourselves for Mike and Sue . Me now with a raging hard on. Kaz sat there dribbling to herself...........