Written by peter

18 Dec 2014

I have written about my exploits with Vera and men we had met through an as I had placed. We would meet men for threesomes whilst I was home on r & r. This particular leave we decided to have a weekend in London, Friday til Monday as I was flying back to work on the Monday. We hadn't arranged a threesome but on the Saturday I suggested perhaps we look for someone in the bar on the Sunday. On the Sunday we booked into an hotel in Heathrow as we were both flying out on the Monday, me to Saudi and she to Liverpool. On the Sunday evening we went to the bar where there were plenty of men flying out to various places.

Vera wore a short low cut dress which showed off her petite figure and was bound to attract the attention of men at the bar. She soon did and one particular chap approached us and asked if he could join us. I said yes he could and sat with us at the bar. He couldn't take his eyes off Vera's thighs and tits. He said his name was Jeff and was flying out to the middle east. It was obvious that Vera took a liking to him. She excused herself and went to the toilet. He said I was very lucky, that she was really nice. I asked him if he would like to fuck her as we were into threesomes. He didn't need asking twice and I told him to go to the toilet when she returned. This he did and I told Vera what I had said to him and she she would like that as she fancied him.

When he returned I suggested that we go to our room. I could see he was a little nervous as he had told me he hadn't experienced a threesome before. Once in the bedroom Vera lay on the bed and we lay alongside her and removed her dress, bra and panties leaving her with just her hold up stockings on. We touched and kissed her body all over.I Rolled my tongue around and over her nipples as he touched her pussy and licked her clit. He commented on how wet she was, he said his wife never got that wet. I suggested we both undressed and stood by the bed as stripped off. Vera was looking at him as he removed his trousers and underpants and sighed when she saw his hard cock for the first time. "Nice big cock" she sighed as she reached out to hold it. She loved being fucked by men with big cocks. She said to me that she was going to enjoy being fucked by him and taking his spunk inside her. I sat watching as he they moved into the sixty nine position, her cunt over his face as she wanked him off and caressed his large knob with her tongue making him moan with pleasure. I could hear her cunt slurping as he licked her clit and pushed a couple of fingers inside her. I asked her if she was ready to fuck and she said she was more than ready. I told him to give her a good fucking and she lay on her back with her legs wide open, knees raised, her cunt fully exposed ready to take his cock. He knelt over her, his stiff cock pointing towards the entrance to her cunt. "I like men to fuck me hard Jeff" she told him as she reached down and held his cock and guided his knob into the opening of her wet cunt. She winced as he thrust it up inside her."ooh that's big" cried, " I love it ,fuck me hard give it to me Jeff, make me come". I watched excitedly as he shagged her harder and harder, his buttocks humping up and down. "Oh Peter, it's so good, he's a good fuck" she gasped. He placed his hands on her buttocks, pulling her against him, his balls slapping against her bottom as he shagged her as hard as he could. I was wanking furiously and really enjoying watching her being such a good fucking. He was grunting and groaning as he strived to fuck her harder. "Come on, fuck me from behind" she said and he withdrew and she knelt over to take him from behind. He entered her quickly and held her hips and fucked her really hard. She biting the pillow and wincing as she took his 8" cock fully inside her. After a while I told him to fuck her are and he withdrew and gently eased his thick cock slowly into her are. She cried out as she felt his cock stretching her open. "Oh you bastard that's good" she groaned. He groaned and said she was so tight and that he was coming. She told him not to stop as she wanted his spunk inside her. He quickened his thrusts then withdrew and entered her cunt again and grunted as he pumped his load inside her cunt."that feels so good" she gasped as she took every drop. He collapsed on top of her and when he withdrew his glistening cock I took his place, ramming my hard cock inside her and was soon shooting another load of spunk inside her cunt. Jeff was wanking himself off again and gave her another good fucking as she lay there gasping and crying out passionately as she took every inch again. Then collapsed on top of her again. He said that was the greatest fuck he'd ever had. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up and jeff got dressed. When she came back he told she was something else and she said she'd enjoyed it to.

After he'd left she said it was so good but she was a bit sore and we lay down and went to sleep. I fucked her again in the morning before flying out.