Written by AlKaz

13 Sep 2017

Having showered and dressed we planned the rest of the day aiming to visit Norwich. We had to travel in separate cars as Mike and Sue’s had a baby seat in the back for their grandchild so we followed them down. We browsed around holding hands with the nearest partner and after lunch having bonded over sea fishing Mike wanting to go on to Cromer for him to show me the best spots. The girls on the other hand decided to return to the house making it obvious that we weren’t to spend too much time as they had a surprise planned and it involved plenty of fucking.

I’ve set the scene Kaz will now take over the tale.

We drove back and chatted about the events so far. We both enjoying the change of cock myself extra penetration Sue more stretch from the width and the power we felt while being cleaned of another man’s sperm from our husbands ,deciding they both had a taste for each other fantasising about them sucking each other’s cocks and also for us to be spit roasted again and taking them up the arse a thing we both love for a change and the fact now our marriages were opening up what other men we could get to fuck us.. We got back had coffee and then to Sue’s bedroom to check our surprise for the lads the new lingerie we had bought and discreetly hidden. Neither of us usually wear such things but we’d decided that we were going to act and dress like sluts for the remainder of the weekend knowing they’ll love it.

I know said Sue “let’s shave ourselves it will be worth it to see their faces” I had to confess in all our years I’d always had a Lady Garden down there but why not. Sue had razors and foam so we firstly carefully trimmed as much off as we could then out with the foam .and a bowl of warm water from their en-suite “Not too easy to shave oneself” giggled Sue “shall we do each other” “why not” I replied I must admit my pussy was tingling at the prospect of her touching me I’d noticed her grope me during this morning’s shower but said nothing enjoying the moment and I had tasted plenty of her pussy when sucking the boys cocks. doubtless she mine but I wanted to go with it and explore all my new sexual freedom..

I went first and lay back on a towel opening my legs for Sue as she carefully began to shave my remaining hairs carefully working around my clit hood and protruding labia. Sue’s turn next and as I shaved I couldn’t help studying the neatness of her labia tucked neatly within her slit her clit however protruding like a little cock from it’s hood. Shaving finished Sue produced a tube of Aloe Vera (she’d obliviously planned this session ) suggesting we rub it in to our smoothened areas. My clit began to throb at the prospect when she offered to rub mine in and I do hers. I lay back as she began smoothing the gel in my pussy was now taking control and I involuntarily raised my hips as she brushed alongside my labia and clit hood. “My turn” she lay back presenting herself I was now in a state my nipples felt as though they would burst my pussy soaking I squeezed the tube on top of her smooth mound and set to rubbing her carefully doing the outer area before moving my fingers towards the slit and clit working right to the edge before circling the little protruding nub getting the same reaction as I’d given as she gently pushed upwards I noticed her slit was glistening with her juice.

“That certainly felt different” sighed Sue “No redness” she enquired “Better check “ I said “spread them again “ I looked admiring her pussy as she parted her legs wide I’d never thought of this before here I was and I hope I wasn’t reading this wrong lowering my head the atmosphere was electric I inspected her juices were now trickling from her “Fuck it !!” my pussy told my brain I crushed my mouth against that luscious slit lapping the juice that was seeping out “Aaahh “ Sue moaned her hand now stroking my hair as I transferred my attention to her clit sucking on it her hips now bucking wildly but I stuck to my task my tongue probing sampling relishing my first true taste of another woman and I was loving it. My tongue feeling ripples of her pussy’s contractions as her screams and orgasm hit and a gush of liquid soaking my face I continued lapping until she subsided “Christ I’ve wanted that” she gasped I raised my head and looked up “you are lovely” I said but I still want to fuck your husband as well as I moved up her body planting a kiss on each of her nipples before our lips met in a sensual kiss.

Sue then began to take over “your turn now “ as she latched on to my right nipple sucking hard her left hand squeezing my left breast rolling the nipple between her fingers then breaking off as she moved down planting little kisses as she worked her way to my smooth mound and then circling my clit with her tongue her right hand with two fingers up to the knuckle in my pussy I was in heaven cunnilingus had never been this good waves of orgasmic bliss overtook me as she explored me as I had her getting her reward of my squirt swallowing it greedily as I had hers knowing now as I did that there was a whole new sexual field opening up before us…….