Written by Exeterfun

12 May 2014

This is the follow on from " wife introduces me to her work colleague" posted 8th May. Firstly many thanks for the comments, I wasn't sure how it would be viewed as I thought that it was a bit tame, however it was 100% true as is this follow up.

Well Saturday arrived and Donna went off to work saying that all being well she will be coming home with Mel in tow. Donna left me a list of chores to do before they got home, change the sheets on the bed and the spare bed, pop to shop and get some beers in and buy some condoms which we don't usually have in the house as I have had a vasectomy so we don't need them.

They were due to finish work at 9pm and at around 8.30 I received a text from Donna asking to pick them up when they finish. Off I went to collect them and just after 9pm both Donna and Mel came out, Mel carrying an overnight bag and got in the rear of the car. On the way home the girls were idly chatting about the nights work.

Once home I got everyone a beer and Donna said that she was going to have a shower. As we have both a bath and a shower Donna suggested that Mel has a bath, get out of their work clothes and get into something more comfortable. So off went the girls and after about 30 minutes I heard Donna calling me, so I went up. Donna was dressed to thrill, matching red undies, black hold up stocking. Mel was obviously in the spare room, Donna saw that I looked a bit disappointed but said don't worry tiger she be in in a bit.

Donna then undressed me, once naked she proceeded to give my hard cock a good sucking. I heard the door open and looking in the mirror I saw Mel standing watching us, she looked quite cute in matching blue undies. We all got on the bed and I heard Donna say "watch how I do it then you try" then Donna started licking and sucking my cock and balls. After a few minutes I felt Mel's shaking hand take hold of me, felt her warm breath on my shaft as for the first time she kissed my cock. Donna told her to open her mouth and put the tip of my cock in, which she did. Donna instructed Mel to suck cock, something I later found out she had never done before.

After about 5 minutes or so of having my cock licked and kissed and sucked Donna said its now time for you to have your first orgasm. Donna unclipped Mel's bra and tugged off her panties so she was naked. Donna then told me to go for it. I really didn't need telling twice. I started licking and kissing Mel's breasts, worked my way down across her belly, kissed the blonde pubes covering her lips and then I just delved in, spending ages kissing and licking her pussy. I gently parted her lips to expose her clitoris, it looked so small compared to Donna's. The tip of my tongue darted across it whilst my fingers pushed into her pussy. Until now Donna had been watching but then she moved up the bed and I saw for the first time my wife sucking and lick another girls nipples. After about 10 minutes of us giving Mel's nipples and pussy a seeing to I felt her body tense, I sensed she was about to cum so I locked my mouth onto her clitoris and sucked harder. This was enough to send Mel into an orgasm, moaning and shaking. Once she had calmed down Donna asked Mel if she wanted me to fuck her. I saw her smile and nod and Donna passed me a condom. I had it rolled on in seconds and soon had my cock pressing against her pussy. It took a bit of persuasion but soon I felt her lips give and my cock slide in. Boy was she tight. I only managed to last 3 or 4 minutes before I filled the condom with my spunk. No sooner had I pulled out that Donna whipped off the condom and sucked me clean.

After a long rest I fucked Donna whilst she fingered Mel's pussy bringing her to another orgasm. We then fell asleep. But in the morning I gave Mel a really good fucking, this time lasting much longer. Mel had her first orgasm whilst being fucked. Sunday was spent lounging around the house and watching DVD's. Before Mel went home I managed to fuck her again, this time doggie which she loved, and bareback cos I couldn't wait to nip upstairs and fetch a condom. Mel not only received her first orgasm this weekend but also her first load of spunk in her pussy. Later in the evening after she had gone home I got a text from Mel which simply said "thank you". Bless her lol