Written by oxonsteve

15 Nov 2008

I met my wife Sandra in the early 80s and fell head over heels with her almost immediately. Somehow i knew she was the one. She was adventurous and enjoyed her sex and knew how to treat a blokes cock considering she was only 18. I had to ask her what her experiences had been and she would willingly tell me the stories of the fact that from the age of 17 she had been sleeping her way through the squaddies at Weeton and Kirkham and would tell me how she would always want to be on top of them as she could control the cock inside her and let the guys feel her pendulous tits swinging to and fro with her hard nipples jutting out. I would ask her the most intimate questions and she would tell me how she liked guys of all ages and sizes to cum over her stomache and tits which would give me the most incredible hard on which would lead to us having full sex either outdoors or in. Knowing that at 18 she had slept with guys in their 30s was a real turn on for me. With her previous sexual freedom I knew I had to see her with another guy naked and having full on sex. This occured some years later and it was a fantastic experience. If any guys was at Weeton/Kirkham during 1980 - 82, please let me know if you were likely to be one of the guys that had the pleasure of my wife. I would love to hear from you!