Written by Bad father in law to be

8 Dec 2014

Emma is a sexy funny 23 year old with a sexy body. She has great legs, hips and small pert tits. The problem is (or was) is that she is my sons girlfriend. I'm 52, divorced and although not the best looking guy I do get my fair share of 'girlfriends', my son however is a one girl guy.

He has been dating Emma for about 5 years now whilst they are saving for a deposit they are living with me which is hard when I have to turn the TV up in the bedroom to drown out the sound of them fucking.

Emma and I have always got on and we flirt but its all harmless, or was until a few weekends ago. As usual my son went to work early so he could be home by lunch time, by 9am Emma was still in bed. I had just finished breakfast when I heard Emma getting in the shower. That alone gave me a hard on but I suppose that makes me a dirty old man.

By the time I was washing up the breakfast stuff and last nights dishes Emma had finished her shower and came into the kitchen. I offered to make her breakfast once I had done the dishes but as usual she didn't have the patients to wait and squeezed in between me and the sink. As if I wasn't hard already having this hot girl with nothing more than a dressing gown on pushing against me made my cock even more uncomfortable.

I suppose out of devilment I refused to move which Emma thought was funny, wiggling her bum against me. I told her to behave and she pretended to be shocked shouting Oh my god, have you got a hard on?

I told her I was 52 not dead so she started to wiggle her bum against my crotch even more. Because I was wearing track suit bottoms my bulge was obvious, We both laughed and I told her to sit down to let me finish but she ignored me telling me she liked it there. Emma always tries to shock me and today was no exception. Its like having it up my arse, I love having it up my arse.

Not wanting to give in I pushed against her, Emma made lifted her dressing gown up a little. I told her to sit down again, this was going to far. She refused so I thought I would shock her into giving in and lifted her dressing gown just a little expecting her to move but instead she lifted it even higher.

I suppose it was like a game of chicken, seeing who would give in first, both of us lifting ti a little bit until it was over her bum cheeks. Emma put her hand behind her bum which caused it to rub against my bulge, she gave it a little squeeze and started to tuck it down. I expected her to stop but she kept going until they fell to the floor, my cock springing out, rubbing against her backside.

I guess I should have backed down first but instead I gave her dressing gown a tug causing that to fall to the floor as well. Emma, still facing the window, took hold of my cock and bent over. It was wrong of me but I was past the point of no return and slipped my cock into her arse.

Emma was panting deeply, I was gentle slipping slightly deeper with each thrust until she pushed back and it slid in even deeper still.

By now I was squeezing her sexy little tits with hard button nipples slamming my cock into her. We fucked for ages, only moving so she could turn and lay on the table face down. I held onto her hair riding her resting for a few seconds to catch my breath. I was banging her so hard The table must have moved a good few feet whilst my balls slapped against her arse before I shot my load into her. We both came at the same time, Emma giving out a load groan whilst I filled her with my hot cum.

We just lay there for a while, both out of breath, Emma still face down with me resting on top of her, my cock getting soft and slipping out.

We have fucked a few times since, its our weekend ritual. usually she just comes into my bed when he leaves for work and we fuck, I love sucking those tits, I can get them almost all in my mouth flicking her nipples with my tongue. We sometime fuck anal but quite often I fuck her pussy, she loves it doggy. Even though I feel guilty she has made a young man of me.