Written by Shelly

8 Apr 2012

Hello, my name is Shelly and I just got back from what was up until the last couple of days a fairly uneventful birthday suprise trip to Bali which my husband had kept as a secret for my big present.

We are both in our early forties and have had decent jobs which have made it possible to pretty much do what we like in terms of holiday destinations and choice of cars etc.

Anyway we left these rainy bloody shores and headed to the paradise isle of Bali, little did I know then of how much I would enjoy the trip.

On the last night but one there was a dinner dance organised by the hotel and everyone was dressed up to the nines. I looked at myself in the mirror as I was getting ready and thought even at my not so young age I could still look a damn sight better that some of the women half my age.

I dressed fairly simply in a light coloured summer dress, matching pink lacey bra, panties and suspenders with tan stockings and about four inch strappy heels.

We were having a great time and the food and booze was good and plenty of it. Later on most of the guys including my husband Steve decided they wanted to watch some bloody football game on TV so buggered off to a local bar to see it.

I was by no means finished so went and sat at the bar on my own, there was this one guy who was the hotel duty night manager who had been chatty all night and who I had noticed been giving me the once over every time I walked past his table.

I had no problem with this as he was very nice looking and I was liking the attention especially now that Steve obviously preferred the soccer.

After I had been sat at the bar for a while this guy wandered over and took my glass and said let me get you a refill, he sat at the bar stool next to me, he was very well built and in shape and was very sure of himself and gave my thighs a very appraising look every time I crossed and uncrossed my legs.

We had a couple of drinks and were chatting about how nice the hotel was and I mentioned that next time my husband and I might book a suite instead of a regular room, he said that the suites were really nice and he could show me one if I wanted to see one.

I said when and he replied right now if you want as he had a duplicate key to all the rooms, I said okay and we finished our drinks and left the bar area. The suites were on the ground floor which involved some tricky steps with very uneven paving, I stumbled very slightly but he gently took my arm and slipped his other hand around my waist to steady me.

He was I could feel stroking my fingers and his other had was moving down from my waist to touch my bum through the thin material of my dress. I leaned against him and soon we gotto the door of the room, he opened the door with his free hand and pushed it open wide with his foot, in the process he pulled me towards him and bent slightly to kiss me, I made a feeble attempt at saying no we shouldn't but it was way too late.

I opened my mouth and his tongue was inside, I sucked his tongue and his hand went down and under the hem of my dress, I felt his hand pulling up my dress till it was up over my stocking tops and bare legs where he held it around my waist, he held it there with one hand while the other one pulled my by now wet panties to the side so he could stroke my pussy.

His fingers touched my clitty and I began to undo his pants, I soon had his very erect penis in my hand, it was very swollen but I wanked it anyway, he was still kissing me when he pulled me across the room to a big sofa at the far end. When we arrived there he reached behind me to unzip my dress, it fell to the floor and I stepped out of it, I had by now pulled his pants down so he was stood there with his huge erection stuck out and I was stood in front of him in my bra, panties, stockings, suspenders and shoes.

He pushed me back so I was sat down and he pushed his dick towards my face, I opened my mouth and took it in my hand before licking the end and sucking it.

He was calling me a dirty bitch but this just turned me on more and I gave him the sucking of his life, he took this for a while and just wher I thought he would come in my mouth he picked me up and almost ripped off my bra before bending to suck my very stiff nipples.

After I couldn't stand this anymore and saying please fuck me he turned me around and knelt me down on the sofa. His hands were stroking the backs of my legs and I was moaning softly as he touched me between my legs. He told me push my panties down, my hands went up to the waistband and I started to slide then down over y hips and down the bare thighs till they were just below my stocking tops, he said I wonder what your husband would say if he knew his hot little wife was taking her panties off for a stranger to fuck her wet pussy.

I looked across at a full lngth mirror on the wall and could see myself knelt down in my stockings, suspenders and shoes being fucked by this much younger man. He did me like this while talking dirty to me until I felt him getting quicker and I knew we were both close to coming, I came first with a shattering orgasm and soon felt him start to ejaculate, he pulled my thighs back onto his dick while he shot his semen into me.

We got dressed and he raided the mini bar to fix us a couple of drinks before he walked me back to the bar, the guys had appeared after their soccer game and Steve asked me where I had been and when I told him he went and thanked the guy for showing methe suite, if only he knew that this young man had been in my panties the whole time and that even as he was thanking him I could feel his semen sticky on my,panties and stocking tops.