Written by Joanne

4 Jan 2010

We went to a New Years Eve swinging party at the guesthouse that is owned by a couple we’ve had a couple of sessions with. The dress code was ‘military’. We both decided to wear Royal Navy captains uniforms. My husband’s was a real uniform but mine was a little more improvised. I didn’t have a jacket so I bought a white shirt with epaulets and two front pockets. I then sewed some black and gold braid on to it. It was quite a tight fit, I didn’t wear a bra and I left the top four buttons undone. It really looked the part. The skirt I wore fitted me perfectly, nice and tight and came to a few inches above my knee. Under the skirt I wore sheer black hold-ups and, seeing as the whole point of the party was sex, I left my knickers in my handbag.

Within half an hour, I was sitting on a couch talking to a lovely looking fella who really had the knack of talking sex just the way I like it and he really had me turned on. After about 15 minutes or so, I touched his leg to let him know I was game on, and it all happened very quickly from there. I found my husband and told him I was off to one of the other rooms.

The room we went in had about five or six big leather sofas and all but one was taken by couples at various stages of getting it on. We sat on the free one and carried on talking for a while as we watched another couple getting stuck in. By the time we saw the woman straddle him and get his dick inside her my man had his hand up my skirt and stroking my thigh just above my stocking tops. Because my skirt was so tight I couldn’t open my legs more than a few inches so I hitched it up a little so I could part my legs enough for him to get to my fanny. He swore with approval when e discovered I was commando.

With my legs now open sufficiently, he fingered me to a wonderful gentle orgasm and I was soaking wet and desperate to get his dick inside me. I undid his trousers and, although I already knew, I was delighted to confirm that he too was commando. I bent over him and sucked his dick for a few seconds before I straddled him and got him inside me. We were both very wet and so he was balls deep with the first push. It felt great, not just because I had a nice big dick in me, but because I knew that we were being watched by other couples.

My braless tits were bouncing under my shirt as I fucked myself rhythmically on his steel hard dick. I came quite quickly and not to long after he pulled me hard down on to himself and he groaned as he pumped his load in to me. I remained on top of him for a minute or so as his dick softened inside me.

Then I noticed that one of the people watching was my husband. He smiled at me and beckoned me over. I lifted myself of the fella, stood and adjusted my skirt. I thanked the fella and went over to my husband. He said that watching me have sex had him rock hard and he wanted to fuck me right then. There were no spare sofas at that time so we went to one of the other rooms. It was so dark that it was difficult to see, but we knew by the sounds that we weren’t alone.

We went over to the window and my husband turned me round so I had my back to him and he pushed me forward so I was bent over leaning on the window sill. I felt him pulling my skirt up then I felt him fumbling a little trying to get his dick in to me. I was soaking and already full of cum so once he found the right position he slipped in without any trouble. He banged me good and hard and spunked up me before I had a chance to come myself. He apologised and explained that watching me fuck another man had almost made him come where he stood.

We’d only been in the place just over an hour and already I had two loads of spunk inside me and it was beginning running down the inside of my thighs and on to my stocking tops. I went to the toilet to clean myself up as best I could and rejoined the party. I was fucked again later that night by both the fella and my husband. I had so much spunk in me that I was glad I’d taken the knickers with me and for the journey home.