Written by Don

4 Jan 2018

Part 11

Wendy & Don & Other’s Part 11.

Following on from part 10 Wendy has completed a number of first sexual experiences and graduated through to the now more fetish roles which l will report on next but if you have not read about Wendy’s development from a young married woman who only had sex with her husband in part 1 then you need to read the whole story parts 1 to 11 and you won’t be disappointed.

Over the last 40 years I have tried to introduce Wendy into every sexual experience l thought she could handle and each time a further step forward in her sexual development, experiences and exploration and this has continued with the next factual story where Wendy goes to a hotel for a sexy night.

I had to arrange for a meeting at the hotel where l would be staying with Wendy over a couple of nights while working away in Blackpool so four weeks ahead l booked a Travelodge hotel with a double room with on-suite for disabled which had a wet room floor which would be required specifically for the second night. After that l then put out some messages on the Swinging Web site to arrange for three guys that would come to the hotel and take part in a fucking session with Wendy but on a roll play, each guy would come at a different time one hour apart and would fuck Wendy while she was blindfolded and tied to the bed but they were not allowed to speak to Wendy or stay longer than 45 minutes. The next night l would have four more guys but these would come at the same time and take part in a gang bang. So you can imagine there was a lot of contacting guys to make this work and get all the details together and all the mobile numbers for everyone and meeting the guys in the chat room to talk over what l wanted and the webcam to check the guys had the right tools for the job, not over weight, had great cocks and were happy to roll play for me.

Wendy knew l was taken her away because of my work and was looking forward to being with me for a couple of nights and during the day Wendy would go sight seeing while l want off to work. The day came and l picked Wendy up early from home she looked wonderful in a red dress with a cream top and sexy black stockings and l wanted to fuck her there and then but we had a long way to go so l had to settle for a sexy kiss and a feel of her breasts and we were on our way a 3 hour drive. At the hotel we got booked in and got access to our room at 1pm and I had a meeting to get to so left Wendy unpacking and went to work.

When l got back l took Wendy out for a meal and a walk along the promenade and lights before returning to the hotel and it was then that l told Wendy l was going to surprise her tonight with a special night of fun and l wanted to take her to bed and fuck her. Back in the hotel room Wendy goes for a shower she didn’t understand why we had a wet room but l just passed it off. While Wendy was in the shower l was texting the guys to check they were ready and l would be collecting them from the reception area. When Wendy came out of the bathroom she had a towel around her which l removed and started sucking on her tits as l laid her on the top of the bed and l got my bag of bits out which had the Velcro straps for her arms and legs and a blindfold to cover her eyes, Wendy asked what’s happening and l said it was a surprise and l wanted to come into the room when she was tied up and l could fuck her and she wouldn’t know it was me. So l put the blindfold on first and made sure it was comfortable and she couldn’t see anything then l took each hand and secured with the Velcro straps and the feet also strapped down and then l slid a fresh towel under Wendy bottom to protect the bed and l then massage some baby oil into Wendy’s cunt concentrating on her clitoris and and inside her cunt lips, as l did this Wendy was saying how much she like it and l was sucking her tits and rubbing her cunt and then l said l am leaving you like this and going out the room and when l come back your going to get fuck but not going to talk to you.

I left the room and went to reception and waited for Ian who was only 22 and a very fit 6 foot tall builder who arrived on time at 7pm and we went back to the room and he knew to be really quite and not to speak when we entered the room. I open the door and Wendy called out is that you Don? I didn’t answer and we both came in and l closed the door and lan looked at Wendy tied up on the bed and her wonderful tits on full display as was Wendy’s awesome looking cunt glistening with the baby oil. Ian looked at me and smiled and mouth she is beautiful, Wendy called out again but gets no reply and lan strips off and leaves his clothes neatly on the floor and has a good 7 inch cock and is clean shave no hair around his cock which is clearly excited and erect and l wave Ian onto Wendy to take her.

Ian stands next to the bed and places his hand on Wendy’s breast which causes her to jump and call out and lan plays with her nipples rolling them in his fingers and then he lowers his mouth onto Wendy’s tits and sucks on them squeezing them and manipulates them and then moves his head to Wendy’s mouth and kisses her on the mouth gently and then moves on to the bed and slides his body over Wendy and he position his cock at the entrance to Wendy’s cunt and pushes his cock into her with ease and starts to fuck her, Wendy knows it’s not me and keeps asking who is it who is fucking her, Ian keeps up his fucking sliding his cock in and out of Wendy’s cunt and bends down kissing Wendy on the mouth and after 20 minutes Wendy is fully aroused and calling out as she is nearing an orgasm and lan is getting close as he speeds up making sure is getting full penetration and suddenly Wendy screams she cuming and this is enough to push lan over and he cums inside her with his arse bucking as he pumps his spunk into her as Wendy is bucking up towards his cock and riding Ian. Finally Ian pulls out and moves to the top of the bed and pushes his spunk covered cock into Wendy’s mouth and pushes it into her mouth until Wendy is gagging on it and he pulls back and then shoves his cock deeper and causing Wendy to gag again but keeping his cock there pushed right in. Then his time is up and l am signaling him it’s time to go and he dresses and leaves with me. I then wait in reception for the next guy and Roger arrives and we go back to the bedroom and as the door opens Wendy is saying who’s there what’s happening and l shut the door and turn around to see Roger already naked his clothes over my chair and he is climbing onto the bed and pushing his finger into Wendy’s cunt then he slides his cock into her and starts fucking Wendy much to her surprise and she is unsure about this as Roger keeps his rhythm going and within just 5 minutes Roger is cuming inside her cunt and has used her cunt just for his own satisfaction and slides back down the bed and lowers his head between Wendy’s legs and starts to lick Wendy’s cunt out as she is leaking spunk cream with two loads of cum pump into her and as Roger licks and sucks her Wendy is moaning yes please don’t stop and Roger quietly continues and sliding his finger into her anal passage and does bring Wendy to a second screaming orgasm.

Then lan is up dressed and gone and l am left waiting for the last guy and Ken arrived and he is a black guy and will be Wendy’s first ever coloured guy to fuck her, we went back in the room and Wendy is calling out who is there what’s happening as Ken is getting undressed he a fit guy in his fifties and has a very big 8 inch cock a good 2.5 inches wide Ken takes his cock up to Wendy’s mouth and pushes it in to her lips and Wendy opens her mouth and starts to take the Ken’s cock into her mouth and he gets her to open her mouth as wide as she can by just pushing it in Wendy’s now struggling with Ken’s cock and her saliva is leaking around her mouth as Ken pushes another 2 inches into Wendy then he pulls it out and moves down the bed and slides his hard cock over Wendy’s abdomen and between her legs and Wendy knows what’s coming and cry’s out no it’s too big please don’t fuck me as Ken now positioned his cock and starts to push it into her wet spunked up cunt and it starts to slide up Wendy she continues to say no its too big please stop but Ken keeps it sliding in inch after inch until it’s all in her cunt and he is now fucking her and Wendy is saying it’s too big at this point l whisper into Wendy’s ear l going to remove her blindfold and let her see what is fucking her and she starts to tense up as l undo the blindfold and then she opens her eyes slowly to see this large black man hovering over her and fucking her and her first words are oh my god l being fuck by a black man to which Ken replied you sure are babe and l going shoot my seed deep into you so you’re never forget what it’s like.

Ken keeps going fucking Wendy for 40 minutes and then says that he is coming and starts shooting his cum into her cunt but he keeps his cock still and pushed as deep as he can get it and let’s his spunk shoot a stream into the top of Wendy cunt and she says she can feel it spraying inside her. Ken is now kissing Wendy and sucking her tits as l start to undo the Velcro straps and Wendy can now move her legs and arms and is cuddling Ken as he nestled his head in her chest sucking her tits. Now l am undressed and get on the bed so there is three of us and Wendy wants to sit over my head and drip the spunk into my mouth so Ken holds Wendy up as she squats over my face and l am drinking Ken’s spunk cum juice out of Wendy but as l slide my tongue into Wendy’s cunt it’s like a tap has been turned on and it’s running out of her into my mouth and there is loads of cum and a different taste to what l am use to but l take it all and swallow knowing this is my first black man’s cum l have taken.

We lay together for a while and Ken is hard again and wendy wants his cock up her cunt and is facing Ken on her side as he is slowly starts fucking her again and l am behind Wendy having rubbed baby oil on my cock l am pushing it into Wendy’s anal hole which feels really wonderful as l slowly fuck her arse and Wendy becomes a fuck sandwich between Ken and me. What’s more amazing is feeling Ken’s cock inside Wendy as he is slowly fucking her and actually stimulating my cock in her anal passage something l never felt before and a real pleasurable feeling as l drove my own cock into her arse. I was holding onto Wendy’s tit and using it for leverage as l continued to fuck her and listening to Wendy as she was moaning sexually as Ken was kissing her and holding her as he continued his rhythm of fucking her, we kept Wendy between us for about half an hour and Wendy had another orgasm while we both continued fucking her for our own pleasure. At 11pm Ken left thanking Wendy for giving herself to him.

I continue to hold Wendy as she described her sensation at being fuck while tied up and having her body taken without her permission or being able to see who or what was being done to her and was scared because it was all happening without any talking, a new experience she wasn’t sure about and then being awakened by Ken the first time she had a black mans cock inside her and the amazing feeling she had experience with Ken and how large his cock was. Wendy admitted it was a fantasy she had thought about and was surprised that we hadn’t met a coloured guy before. Before Wendy fell asleep l told her that tomorrow evening she would experience something sexually different and that she had never had before and l sure she will enjoy taking part. We both fell asleep and it was about 4am when l woke up with an erection and slid my cock into Wendy’s cunt as she slept on her side and her cunt which felt really warm and sloppy and not as tight as it normally was just there for my pleasure and l was sure Wendy was still asleep as l slowly and gently fucked her her until l was cuming and pumping my cum juice into her. I then lay there cuddling Wendy just holding her tit and keeping my cock inside her cunt as l fell asleep. By 7am l was up showered and on my way to work leaving Wendy to look after her self for the day and l would be back at 5pm to start her next adventure.

I returned at 5pm and took Wendy out for a meal we found a small and very nice fish & chip shop which did great meals near the Broadway and Wendy was very inquisitive about what was going to happened later and why it was a special evening but l just said you’re going to have to wait but l was sure you would enjoy it. Back at the hotel l told Wendy that she had to be naked with her hands on her head for the fun to begin and she stripped off still not sure how the evening was going to go. I told her she had to be standing up when l returned with her hands on her head and legs slightly apart and she wasn’t to move unless l told her too, then l went off to car park and met the four guys who were already there waiting for me and all very eager to meet Wendy. We went back in to the hotel me using the key card and l led them into the room where Wendy was standing completely naked and it was Wendy who shouted oh my god as she saw these four guys entering the room and all staring at her naked body. The guys were all commenting about how lovely Wendy looked and what great boobs she had, l then said you guys have got 10 minutes to feel and touch Wendy as much as you like but Wendy has to stay standing with her hands on her head. The guys didn’t need any further coaching and they swarmed around Wendy touching, sucking, fingering, kissing and calling her all the slut names they could think of, Wendy was obviously enjoying having her body stimulated and and was encouraging the guys to suck her nipples and her cunt lips as they each tried their best to get Wendy sexually aroused.

Time up l shouted and the guys all stop leaving Wendy shaking almost having an orgasm and l told Wendy to lay on the bed and watch as the guys stripped off in front of her and showed Wendy their manhood and displayed their cocks. So Wendy Now has theses four guys all doing a striptease for her and then all standing with their proud cocks erect and being stroked. Wendy was making some sounds about how lovely they looked when l told her she had to choose one to fuck her cunt and one that she had to suck off, after a couple minutes Wendy had chosen and the first guy Alan, was up on the bed sliding his cock into Wendy’s cunt which was lubricated from all the licking and sucking she had just had and without any delay or any foreplay. Then the second guy Bill she had selected was pushing his 6 inch cock into Wendy’s mouth as far as she would let him and Wendy kept her hand on his shaft controlling his depth and trusting, Bill was also working Wendy’s tits really well.

This left the two other guys waiting their turn and to keep them occupied l was also naked and bent over the chair and started sucking off Raymond who had a lovely 5 inch cock that he could get into my mouth and while he was mouth fucking me Roger the other guy was putting baby oil on my arse before he was then sliding his 7 inch cock up my bum and fucking me and both being careful not to cum as this was all being saved for Wendy.

By this time Wendy is calling out that she is going to cum but Bill is so busy fucking her mouth we can hardly hear what she is saying when Bill takes Wendy’s hand off his shaft and pushes his cock deep into Wendy’s throat which is making her start to gag but she then has an amazing orgasm and Bills cock is as far into Wendy as his balls we allow and he is pumping his cum spunk directly down Wendy’s gagging throat and there was saliva and cum spraying out of Wendy’s mouth around Bill’s shaft as he continues to shoot his load telling the bitch to fucking take it all. Alan is very close to coming and pulls his cock out to spunk over Wendy’s arse hole which he then manages to push his spunk and cock into and finish off his cuming in her arse. Wendy finally recovers after Bill’s cock has shrunk a little and he is pulling it out of her mouth and now Wendy is calling both Alan & Bill fucking bastards for taking her like that, then Roger and Raymon then left me on the chair and lifted Wendy off the bed and bent her over the bed but with Raymon laying under Wendy’s head and he is pushing his cock into her mouth and Bill has forced his cock up into Wendy’s spunked up arse and is fucking her as hard as he can and they are both enjoying taken Wendy who is just a fuck bitch for them and it’s about them pleasuring themselves at Wendy’s expense.

All the others are drinking plenty of bottle water which I had already purchased and had in the room and in between fucking Wendy and sucking her the boys were all taking water drinks including myself. Because both bill and Raymon had been working on me they didn’t take long to pump there cum into Wendy, Raymon came first with Wendy drinking his cum juice and followed by Roger shooting up her arse and then they dump Wendy back on the bed again having used her body for their own pleasure. Now all the boys are drinking water out of the bottles and it’s time for Wendy’s next exploitation.

I get wendy off the bed and took her into the wet room where l have already placed a blow up air bed on the floor near the shower end and l get Wendy to kneel down on it and tell her that her next surprise and sexual experience is going to come to her.

Then l tell the guys that Wendy is ready and waiting for them and they all come into the Wet-room holding their stif cocks and Alan is first and takes the lead and kneels down behind Wendy who is facing us and slides his cock deep into Wendy’s cunt and she says it feels good but is looking a little confused as Alan isn’t fucking her yet just holding his swelling cock deep in Wendy and then tells her to take this special load and starts to grunt as he starts to piss his very warm urine into Wendy’s cunt and suddenly Wendy is screaming oh my god what’s happening and then Alan’s piss is pouring out of Wendy cunt as he gives her a full load of his bladder and this goes on for some time as Alan manages three good surges before he pulls out and leave Wendy’s cunt draining.

Wendy can’t believe what’s just happened to her or even express the feelings she has and is still dripping a steady stream and crying out as Bill now replaces Alan and again pushes right into Wendy’s now washed out cunt and he is telling the fuck bitch that he going piss in her cunt, Wendy is now saying please be nice to me but Bill is telling her to take my piss you bitch and starts to spray his first load deep inside Wendy and his piss is very force full and wendy is screaming now she can feel it and it’s so hard inside her.

Raymon walks forward holding his cock as Wendy is pleading with Bill not to hurt her as Raymon slips his cock into Wendy’s open mouth and she starts to suck him not really knowing what’s happening and Raymon holds her head gently telling Wendy she a good girl sucking his cock but she needs to drink this and starts to piss into Wendy’s throat, Wendy try’s to pull away but Raymon got too good a hold on Wendy and his piss is starting to flow around Wendy’s mouth and is leaking around Raymon’s shaft and Wendy is having to drink Raymon piss and continues to swallow his warm amber piss. Wendy’s cunt is now oozing out Bill’s dark coloured warm piss as Bill sprays his second load of piss hard and firmly deep into Wendy’s cunt and she can feel the force of it but she is now drinking piss and has completely lost her concentration as Bill grabs her tits and pushes himself deeper into Wendy’s cunt as he’s third pissing fills Wendy up and is pouring out of her cunt around Bills cock.

Raymon finishes his pissing in Wendy’s throat and pulls out telling her to wait there for more piss. Then Roger is behind Wendy but is now sliding his hard cock up into her arse and almost starts pissing into her anal passage which has Wendy calling out how wonderful it’s feeling and as she absorbing Roger piss Wendy is squeezing her anal passage to pass the piss out of her and l am now standing in front of Wendy and pushes my cock into her open mouth and l tell Wendy she has to ask me to piss into her mouth and she looks at me with her lovely eyes and l can see she not sure what to do as Roger is filling her arse up and she is feeling like she has diarrhoea as she starts releasing the piss in her arse and sucks on my cock and says please give me your piss and l tell her it’s coming and that l want to piss on her tits and then l piss in her mouth the feeling of pissing in Wendy’s mouth is amazing and Wendy is letting my piss flow out of her mouth but also drinking some of my piss. Roger pulls out of her and l do as well and wendy now lays down on her back with piss flowing out her cunt and arse and my piss is bubbling out of her mouth as l hold my cock and start to piss on her tits and l am join by all the guys who join me in pissing on Wendy’s tits as she massages them under the torrent of four guys pissing on her. The air bed has our piss running off it and onto the wet room floor and slowly draining away, then l lift Wendy up and as she stands l am snogging her mouth tasting my own piss from her mouth and she is also draining out more of the boys piss from her arse and cunt, so everybody’s pis is draining from Wendy’s abused body and when l release Wendy from our Kiss she sees that the guys are all laying with their heads on the air bed and l tell Wendy she has to squat over each bloke and piss into their mouths including me and l lower my self down and take my position on the air bed.

After a few minutes Wendy moves along the line and squats over Bill and hold her cunt above his head and try’s to position her urethra tube as she starts to piss down on to Bills mouth and adjust her positioning and then steers her dark coloured piss into, Bills mouth, then he is followed by Wendy pissing in to Alan, Raymon, Roger and finally me and everyone ends up drinking as much piss as Wendy can produce and she went up and down the row of guys 3 times and some got a lot more than others. Finally Wendy stands up and says she has finished and everybody stands and we all get showered and cleaned up and dried off and dressed and l then open a bottle of champagne and give everyone a plastic cup and we toast Wendy and her amazing performance and then the guys all leave and l take Wendy out for a walk along Blackpool’s promenade and central pier and we talked about her experiences over the last two days and she told me she didn’t know how she really felt as it was all so different and the pissing inside her was just not something she had ever heard of but she had to admit it gave her the most unusual sensation and feeling and she didn’t know how much she actually liked it but was amazed how l set it all up.

After we walked back to the hotel for our last night together l told her she wasn’t finished and she had one more experience to complete to night and when we got back l told her we were having a visitor. It was going to be an 86 year old man who was going to come with his 88 year old wife who wants to watch Wendy fuck her husband.

At the hotel we meet Janice who is there with Brian and they have their own bedroom which we go to and after introductions Janice asked Wendy if she will give her husband a good time while she watches and she might want to join in a bit. Brian gets undress and sits on the bed naked his small cock hanging between his lags. He is watching Wendy who is standing in front of him and she removes her blouse and skirt folding them onto the dresser unit and then removes her bra releasing her large breasts and the walks over to the bed and lifts her tit so Brian can suck on the nipple which he does and holds up the tit to bring it to his mouth as he squeezing both her tits, Wendy holds his head into her chest as Janice says yes that’s nice, now take your knickers off girl and let him feel your cunt. Wendy bends down and takes off her knickers and stands in front Brian as he is feeling between her legs and fingering her cunt and sucking on her tits. Janice tell Brian to lay on the bed and tells Wendy to suck his limp cock as he is laying on the bed.

Wendy’s now on the bed and is licking Brian’s cock as she holds it between her two hands and also cupping his balls, she has all of Brian’s cock inside her mouth and is sucking on his knob trying to stimulate him and rubbing his balls Brian has his hand on the top of Wendy’s head stroking her hair. Suddenly Wendy’s is moving her head as Brian’s cock has swelled in her mouth and is pushing towards her throat and developing into a large cock shaft of about 5-5 inches and Janice whisper to me l gave him his viagra just about an hour ago so she can get it up for him. Janice tells Wendy to get on top of Brian’s cock and fuck him, so Wendy lifts her self up and holds Brian cock as she slides her cunt down onto him and then gently rocks backwards and forwards as Brian reaches up and plays with Wendy’s tits.

Now Janice gets up out of her chair and takes off all her clothes off in front of me and stands there naked with little tits and a small clump of hair around her pussy and then walks over to the bed and starts to kiss Brian as Wendy is slowly fucking his cock after a while Janice stands next to Wendy and slips her hand down on to Brian’s balls and plays with them with her left hand and holds Wendy’s right tit with her right hand and then beds to kiss it as Wendy continues to rock gently on Brian’s cock and Janice sucks on Wendy’s nipple and then kissed Wendy and holds her tits and then moves back to Brian and kisses him and telling him to enjoy this lovely woman. I am now naked and behind Janice as she is leaning over Brian and l push my hand between her legs and rub the baby oil into her old cunt flicking my fingers inside her and then pushing my hard cock right up into Janice cunt and fuck her while she is cuddling Brian who is now getting close to shooting his load into Wendy and Janice is telling Brian to cum for her and enjoy himself and l can hear Wendy saying that’s it Brain keep pumping it into me and Janice is calling out for me to fill her up too and after about 5 minuets l let go my load into her cunt while reaching around to feel and play with her tits, l never fuck an 88 year old woman before but l tell Janice that she has an amazing cunt and l loved fucking her. Janice and Brian cuddle up on the bed and Wendy and myself got dressed and we went back to our room and went to bed ourselves, it had been a hell of a day!

In part 12 Wendy gets to finish her sexual development, so let me know what you think, please comment and enjoy thanks, Don