Written by andyk

8 Mar 2010

From 2000 to 2005 I was a driving instructor, firstly for a large national driving school and for the last three years for myself. I was 33 and although I was married at the time it was a fantastic way to meet women and I took advantage whenever the opportunity arose.

This one encounter always makes me hard just thinking about it. I taught Wendy to drive for about 9 months, she was early 30's size 8/10 brunette with the most amazing tits I'd ever seen, I used to pick her up outside the hairdressers where she worked on a Wednesday afternoon at 2'o clock. she was usually in a short skirt and a skimpy top (typical hairdresser) and very chatty. Been a man who loves big tits I found it pretty difficult not to stare and she knew it, low cut tops and lacy bra's were very common.

She went for her test one monday morning but left her purse in the hairdressers so I arranged to call at her house later that evening to get the money I was owed. I had two lessons that evening, a lad from 6 til 7 and another girl from 7-15 so i left home about 5.30 to give me time to call in at Wendy's place. As I pulled up outside my mobile rang and the guy with the 6 til 7 lesson cancelled his hour because he was still at work. I knocked at Wendy's door and she let me in, it was a small but typically girly flat and she was dressed much more casual then I'd ever seen her - tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirt. she was drinking a glass of wine and the tv was on in the corner. I declined a wine cos I still had a lesson to do but accepted the offer of a cup of tea. I sat down and she made me a tea, she brought it into the room and sat beside me, we chatted about her test and made general conversation for about 15 mins, all the time sneaking looks at her braless tits and nipples clearly poking through her t-shirt.

Finally she stood up and said right I'm off up for a shower, are you staying a bit or dashing off, not wanting to miss my cue I replied i'll stay a bit if thats ok and I'll pop up and scrub ya back if ya like (laughing as i said it) She looked quite serious at me and said yes come on then lets shower together - I didn't know what to say I just sat and stared, come on Andy she said, you've been eyeing me up since day one so nows your one chance to get your hands on these babies (raising her tshirt just enough so I could see the bottom of her tits), then she turned and diappeared into the other room, I sat there thinking what do I do now, is she serious or just teasing. My questions were answered two minutes later when she appeared in the doorway with just her tracksuit bottoms on and those fantastic tits swinging free - are you coming in then she enquired, stepping out of the bottoms to reveal a small red thong. Well that was it, I followed her into the bathroom and she slipped the thong off and stepped into the shower. I quickly undressed and joined her in the shower, I was absolutely rock hard and knew I wouldn't last long before I had to make myself cum. I was in heaven, rubbing soap into her big tits whilst gently rubbing her wet pussy with my other hand, she was clearly up for anything rubbing my throbbing cock with one hand and guiding my fingers onto her clit with the other, I told her I was really near to cumming and she just smiled and kept rubbing, my first load spayed onto her belly and the second load ran all down her hand, to my absolute amazement she then went down and hungrily licked and sucked my soaking cock looking up at me and saying, you better recover quick lad I aren't finished yet. She lead me by the hand into her bedroom and pushed me back onto her bed my cock was straight back in her mouth and I knew I'd be hard again before long, once I was she sat astride me and gave me one of the best f*cks I've ever had, I'll never forget the sight of her massive tits bouncing as she rode my cock like she hadn't had it for ages. I got her bent over the bed after about 5 mins and slipped into her soaking hot pussy from behind, reaching round and squeezing her hard nipples as I felt her cum over my cock and I shot my load deep into her soon after. Unfortunately that was the one and only time I got Wendy into bed, i had to dash off soon after our shag to get to my next lesson and although I was often tempted to call round at her house again she never phoned me so I figured I better not. If by any chance she's reading this or anyone out there recognises the desciption of Wendy from west yorks then i'd like to say thanks for an amazing evening and one that I'll never forget, I wish I had some pics of those amazing tits but unfortunately all thats left is the memories and the hard on that comes whenever I think of them.

I had a couple of personal encounters with other ladies I was instructing and i'll post them too if anyone wants to read them.