Written by LadyGooGoo

27 Apr 2010

I know that many of you guys are into dogging in a big way, but it has never appealed to me in the slightest. The idea of meeting strangers in the open air and having sex with them has always left me feeling cold (sorry! LOL) What happened to hubby and I on Saturday has given me cause to rethink. Was this dogging?

This Saturday has been the first real warm day of the year, so hubby and I decided to have a drive out to the countryside. We did not have time to venture too far as we had stuff to do. We went to a place we knew, just a few miles out of town, to take a two-hour walk along the canal and back. This particular stretch navigates a course through beautiful countryside.

We were about ten minutes into our stroll and just rounding a bend. Ahead we could see a couple standing well back from the towpath, but not concealed by the bushes. They were not doing anything, just standing together and looking in our direction. When they saw us they started a full-on snog. We were about fifty yards away at this point and as we neared them, they broke off and both looked at us, then resumed. As we closed on them, the guy started to lift op his partner’s denim skirt and feel her between the legs. I could sense the woman did not seem comfortable with this but was only half-heatedly pushing his hand down. I immediately knew they were putting on this display for our benefit, but also I sensed they were new to it and the lady was very self-conscious.

They sort of wrestled with each other as we passed. He was still trying to get his hand in her Knickers and she was trying to push his hand down. When we were really close they kind of giggled as they kissed. I could sense they were excited and nervous. They were in their early thirties and looked like any ordinary working couple.

When we had gone some distance, hubby said, “Pity you are not into dogging, we could have hung around and watched.”

Seeing them unexpectedly like that had piqued my interest but we walked on and left them at it.

An hour and a half later we were on out way back and had stopped and were standing on one of the farmers bridges that crossed the cut. We were taking a few photos. We had been on the bridge about ten minutes when the couple we had seen earlier came sauntering along, arms around each other. There was sexuality in the way they walked and embraced each other. We were leaning over the bridge wall watching them approach, and as they walked underneath the bridge they were both looking up at us. They had an intoxicated excited look of sex in the their eyes.

On the other side of the bridge was the path that came up to the bridge and the track that led off into fields. I could hear them talking and giggling as they climbed up to our level. I thought they might be a little drunk. They came back into sight and stopped about twenty feet from us and began to kiss again. This time the woman let her lover put his hand right inside her knickers. I could tell she was getting very aroused by the display she was giving. Hubby and I could not help but just stare. They broke off, looked at us then moved down the path for fifty yards and sat down on grass among bushes. They both looked back at us as they went off, until We could no longer see them.

Hubby persuaded me to go down the path to a point from where we could carry on watching from. I was feeling decidedly horny now so agreed. We found a vantagepoint from where we could see them clearly in the small space they had chosen among some Hawthorns. We watched as the man lifted up the woman’s skirt again and took off her knickers, then went down on her and started to perform cunnilingus.

My hubby took my hand and pushed it against his crutch and asked me wank him off. I was reluctant, but he insisted, I extricated his cock and began to stoke and pull at it as we watched the pair in the clearing. Hubby must have been really getting off on the entire situation as he spurted in my hand fairly quickly. He usually takes rather a lot of attention with a hand to get him to cum. I looked over at the couple, he was still between her legs but she had been looking at us. I found that very exciting.

Anyway sorry to say we did not go over and join them, and all that. Although it was exciting I do not think I could handle being shagged in a public place by a stranger. But we might go out again to watch, or maybe be watched. Who knows, may see some of you about. We live in Derbyshire.