Written by bpf

30 Oct 2010

We go to a party venue near to Heathrow airport whenever we can, which isn't nearly enough. Saturday nights are for couples only, Friday for single guys as well.

On this one particular weekend we decided to go on the Friday, simply because A wanted as much cock as possible. She dressed for the night in a short black flared skirt with black lace petticoats underneath and a very tight white blouse. Underneath she wore an underbust corset with a white bra and black seamed stockings with black high heels shoes. A is about 5'10" in heels, curvy and has a wonderful 38E bust with very large nipples. The underbust corset and bra pushed her beautiful creamy tits together and upwards where the skin tight blouse was barely able to keep them in check. Her long stocking clad legs were wonderfully framed by the six strap suspender she was wearing and her stocking tops were just visible under her skirt hemline if she bent slightly.

Once we arrived at the club we sat in the lounge and watched the other guests as they mingled and moved around. A doesn't feel the need to chat to people before we play as she much prefers the thrill of sex with complete strangers.

After a little while A stood up, straightened her clothing, adjusted her stocking tops and then led me to the cinema where we knew they'd be some single guys to play with.

In the cinema there was already a couple there but they just seemed happy to chat to the half a dozen or so single guys sat there. We stood to one side and listened to them chatting but it was clear that A was attracting some admiring glances as she draped her arms around my neck and kissed me gently on the lips whilst pushing her leg against mine.

The other couple eventually left and by now it was clear A wanted some fun as she was pushing her body against mine and gently stroking my stiff cock through my jeans. As soon as the other couple left A took my hand and walked to the front row of sofas directly in front of the screen. She pushed me down and then straddled me so that my face was pressed into her huge, warm cleavage. I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs and cupped her arse cheeks, feeling the back of her black lace thong where it slipped between her soft mounds. We kissed passionately and then A stood up again so she could slip her thong off.

By now some of the other guys there had started to move closer in anticipation of some action. A sat next to me and then made me lean back and slouch down on the sofa. She unbuttoned my flies and released my hard cock, smiling at me. After a couple of gentle strokes she leaned over and slipped the tip into her mouth. I reached down and exposed her arse to the guys who by now were either standing right next to her or sat down beside her. I held my hand out in an offering gesture and immediately the guys began to stroker and maul her arse, her thighs and her back.

A suddenly groaned and I realised that one of the guys was finger fucking her after parting her legs. I stopped her from sucking my cock so that she could fully benefit from all the other cocks that appeared to be straining for her.

Sitting A up I knelt between her legs and began to slowly stroke her erect and wet clit, before she could do anything she was suddenly surrounded by at least three stiff cocks, each vying for some attention. Her blouse was tugged apart and her tits were groped and pulled from the bra. Another guy pushed his hand between her legs and I retreated a little to allow him complete access to her pussy.

I looked up to see A greedily sucking on one cock whilst wanking off another. A third guy was slapping her left nipple with his cock. I told the group "She loves spunk, feel free to make as much mess over her as you want".

The guy who was slapping his cock against her tits immediately began to wank himself off and very quickly shot hot, sticky spunk all over A's tits which she rubbed her fingers in. Another guy came up from behind her, standing behind the sofa. He rested his cock on her right shoulder and grunting, spurted a huge amount of spunk over A's shoulder onto her tits which she was holding up whilst rubbing in the last load. As he was cumming A turned her head into the spurting streams so that some of it went over her right cheek and the side of the mouth.

A third guy then wanked himself off over her tits again so that they were well and truly coated. A chuckled as she leaned back and smeared the sticky mess into her skin.

It was clear that everyone who wanted to cum, had. We got up and went to get a drink before deciding on the next bit of fun we were going to have. By the end of the night we'd had a lot more fun, both with more single guys and a wonderful lady who brought A to her first ever bi climax.

More details another time.....