Written by jim

26 Oct 2011

Hello again,I read the comment's on my last post and thought deep and hard about everything that had happened It had changed my wife and I would have to alter my way of thinking if our marriage was going to survive, I told my wife that we would have to discuss our future as we were drifting away from each other.She agreed so we sat down and started to work out what we could do to make things better. My wife said that she could not go back to how she was, now that she knew what a big cock felt like and that she needed more.I admitted that It turned me on watching her taking that huge cock but did not like the fact she pulled away from me, she told me that she was sorry and that it just took her over. We had a cuddle kiss and spent the next hour sorting things out.The out come was that we would find her another big cock in or around our area and that we would do this together I would help find the man and that I would be included in whatever took place.We made love that night and we were back to our old selves, my wife told me how much she loved me and that this was only sex and that she did not want it to be anymore than that. A few days later I used a public toilet and on the wall was a lot of messages amongst them was a one saying do you want to see your wife fucking a huge cock if so phone this number,so I wrote it down. That night I told my wife and asked her if she wanted me to call the number, she said yes so I phoned but got no answer, I tried a couple more times that night but still no answer so I told my wife it was must be a wind up and that we should look on this site and try to find someone,then just after eleven the phone rang I answered and a man said are you the one who phoned 3 times tonight I told him I was and he asked where I got his number I hesitantly said of a wall in a public toilet he then asked if I wanted what was written on the wall without saying what it was, I said yes but can we meet somewhere for a drink he said yes and told me where to go, It was a little pub on the outskirts of town on the coming Sunday night at 9pm, I asked him how I would recognize him he told me what he would be wearing and said see you Sunday night and hung up.My wife asked who was on the phone and I told her everything that was said she got very exited and said lets go bed,when we got to the bedroom we stripped of and she dropped to her knees and gave me a lovely blow job then told me to lay on the bed where she rode me until we both came off together.When sunday came we were both very exited and nervous,my wife wore a dark blue three quarter length dress that buttoned up the front but decided not to put on underwear on.So we set off at 8.15 it took about 15 minutes to get there, we went in and got a drink and sat facing the entrance. About 20 minutes went by then a man matching the description came in he looked to be in his forties dark hair not bad to look at, he looked straight at us and walked over to where we were sitting, and asked if I was was the one who phoned and I said said yes, he told us his name was mark and asked us if we would like to go with him he then took us to a motorhome that was parked in the corner of the car park, he opened the side door climbed in and put the lights on then asked us in. He shut the door and locked it he then asked if he could see what was under my wife's dress she looked at me,I nodded, so she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall of of her shoulders on to the floor he then asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this, my wife said yes he then dropped his trousers and there was a long thick cock it must have been about 9 inches long and it wasn't`t even aroused he said that it grows to just over 11 inches long and 8 inches around and that there were not many women that could take it he then asked me if i wanted to fuck her first so I said I would. My cock was hard as a rock, my wife then leaned over a table that was in the middle of the seats and I put my fingers in her pussy she was so worked up that she was dripping over my hand I then pushed my cock in and started fucking her I did not last long and shot my bolt.I turned around and saw mark standing there with his cock at full Glory god it was huge I felt so small next to him I then looked at my wife who was still leaning over the table and asked her if she was ready, she said yes, mark said are you sure and with that she pulled her cheeks apart and said do it please he moved up behind her and pushed his cock into her very wet pussy she gave a gasp he pushed further and further until she was moving forward he said that he could not get any more in my wife said please try with that he started to pull out then back in faster and faster until she was in a delirious staight, gasping and making all sorts of noises, I then herd the sound of their bodies slapping together he was all the way in. He kept on fucking her fucking her until he said that he was cumming he then pulled his cock out of my wife and laid it up her back, it was still oozing spunk. He looked at me and said look at my cock you wife has just taken all of it inside her I looked it laying up her back and wondered how she could get that thing inside of her. He then said that if we wanted to meet again just give him a call I helped my wife up and put her dress I had to lift her down from the motor home as her legs were giving way we got back to our car and drove home.My wife so exhausted she went straight to bed. As she was getting into bed I saw her gaping pussy I thought of going down on her but changed my mind .In the morning she gave me a great big hug and kiss and said thank you that was what I needed, followed by when can we do it again.I will keep you informed on what happens next .