Written by antonia

15 Apr 2008

I’ve had trouble with my computer but I’m here now.

What a bad girl I have been this week. Last Friday night we did go partying without any underwear ended up being 5girls. All had a great night, and little merry.

Saturday was fun got up early and put an old pair of tight jeans and jumper on and went shopping. Couldn’t wait to get home and have a dabble. I’m so horny these days, worse than when I was as a teenager. Decided to give the car a wash and went and got an old denim skirt and t-shirt and put my bikini top and bottom on. Car got a good wash but as usual I’d got tangled up with the water hose from the jet washer to the handle and kept standing over it getting some incredible vibrations off it. Now next door there is a lovely couple, she goes out Saturday mornings and I could see Paul at the window taking pics of me. Rather than get annoyed I felt flattered, and decided to be naughty.I went and got a bucket of water and returned to the car and took my now wet shirt off. I at first had my back to him but then I went and washed the front of the car, I made sure he had a good angle up my denim skirt to my bikini bottoms. I was getting wetter than the car, my tummy churning and clitoris throbbing. Car finished I went and got a drink and sat on a sunlounger in the back garden with a book and sunglasses.After a few minutes I pulled my knees up and knew that if he looked out of the window he would see a very swollen mound filling the shiny small green bikini bottoms.I even reached around to check it was covering everything! I’ve never flashed knickerless before but had this overwhelming desire too.But not to the neighbour!, but hey why not.He was only 10 years older than me and quite good looking. I went indoors and removed the bikini bottoms.Now I really was getting exceited.My vagina was swollen and the inner petals actually stuck out bright red and my clit was throbbing. No touching I kept telling myself. I’ve only got a small lawn so I thought I’d do it. My heart racing, I was walking around like a supermodel, legs crossing an imaginary centre line with every step. Problem was that was it aroused and rubbed at my pussy terribly and my thighs were very wet and sticky with my leaking girl juice.I put the mower away and sat on the lawn facing their garden not their house, my game was to see if he came out. Which after a few minutes he did and came over to the fence.We got chatting and he said the car looks nice,don’t suppose I fancy doing theirs.i declined.He was trying to look up my skirt but my legs were flat to the ground.i just couldn’t raise my legs, my heart was thumping, I couldn’t move. I had to get him to go away! So I asked if he had a tyre pump, which he said he had and went to get it, it was one of those electric ones. He handed it too me and said you do it, you’ve got to learn. We went to my front tyre which is always low and I had to crouch down and so did he, He showed me how to attach it and he must have been able to see up my thighs and skirt to find out that I was not only knickerless but shaven too.Now plug it into the cigarette lighter he said, so I knelt on the seat and plugged it in. Now he said start the engine, so I had to get out to get back in again. His timing was spot on, he caught a glimpse up my skirt as I put my right leg in.He looked straight at my love crack but stayed so calm and composed whilst i was a nervous wreck.i kept telling myself I was so quick he wouldn’t have seen anything Now you go and do the back one he said.So with my back to him and facing the car I connected it up.I then got the feeling he was lying peering under the car from the other side and looking at my pussy under my thighs, I lowered one knee but I bet that did little to spoil his view.He then came around to me and said is it done yet.I made some remark about a fine gentleman he was letting a girl do all the work.so he did the other two.He then said we’d have to do the one in the boot, and asked me to hold the cover up which I did and the randy bugger deliberately allowed the pipe and cold top bit to flip up under my skirt and made me jump.He got me to lean into the boot and attach it whilst he had a good look up my skirt. Heh that’s very rude I said. i’m just checking under the car he said, more like what colour my bikini bottoms are more like… but as you know they were green but as you can see I took them off. There was a moments silence, so I said you deserve a drink after that , so we headed to my kitchen and had a can of drink each. thank you he said, and I smiled and said my pleasure. He then apologised if he had offended me.I said we are all adults here, give me a hug.Which he did and I checked him out, so he checked me out.He then said I suppose I wouldn’t be allowed to kiss you,I said where? Next thing I knew we were upstairs and he was licking my slot and then had me hard and fast. He then left and I said I’d give him a look if any other small jobs came up.Knew he fancied me, but we agreed no strings!!

Sunday nothing happened.Monday I was in the office in some very tight trousers and managed to wiggle my little butt all day. I had a plan for a more revealing outfit as the week went on. Tuesday was leggings and a woollen dress that just covered my bum but very smart.Weds, my black skirt just above the knee with crotchless tights, pink jumper and white cotton/lace knickers and bra.couple of accidental flashes. Thursday a A line skirt and no tights and a skimpy thong that was pretty much see thru. Today a new mini dress and no underwear it’s a size too small but very sexy in royal blue.lined too. I spent the whole day checking it wasn’t riding up.At my desk I actually gently teased my clitoris in work time.(even made my chair a bit damp). I invited Steve back tonight to share a bottle of wine, and yes we did and it was amazing. I’m becoming that I need to masterbate daily.i feel sexier now than I ever did. Don’t think I want a proper partner again for a while!! Bye for tonight Toni xx