Written by Tim

22 Feb 2017

This was our first time out together since our baby was born, I had booked a restaurant so we could have nice meal out for a change Jill was dressed in a nice pencil skirt and white blouse I had asked her to wear as she was just getting her figure back.

We had just about finished our main meal when I noticed Jill's blouse had two wet marks from her milky nipples as she was still breast feeding our new born and you could clearly see her nipples she saw me looking at her and asked what was wrong and when I told her she wanted to leave right away I dont know why but it had made me quite horny looking at her like that and said it is ok nobody will notice She said yes they will please let get the bill.

I told ok but I want you to lean back when the waiter comes and see if he looks at you she told me I was a pervert wanting someone to see her like that Please he wont even notice when I asked for the bill and I told her ok here he comes sit back she looked at me and then she leaned back and her nipples seemed enormous her blouse was sooking now the waiter was standing beside me and facing Jill and when I saw her look up at him and smile I nearly came in my pants.

We got up and it was so horny knowing her tits were on display and wanted more and told her dont put your coat on yet till we get outside, I think Jill was starting to enjoy it as much as me we made our way past a few tables and I notice one guy's mouth drop as she passed I was in heaven showing my wife of like this it felt good, When we got in the car I thank her for doing that again she called me a pervert.

I then decided I will show her what a real pervert is like and headed into town where I knew there was a sex store that had video and magazines on show and wanted to take her in and walk around inside with her blouse all wet Jill asked where are you heading this is not the way home I told her I am going to show you where the real perverts hang out and lets see if they like the look of your tits she said you are mad lets go home and have some fun I said ok only if you promise to come inside for 2 minutes look at the magazine rack and out again.

Jill said what will they think when they see my wet blouse I told her they would like to suck them when we got there and I stopped she said I cant go in there you are mad I pleaded and said just in and out again please she looked at me ok lets be quick we walked in and there was nobody about except the guy behind the desk Jill was pleased we walked around and I stopped to look at some videos she wanted to keep walking I kept hold of her hand she was getting nervous just then the guy shouted over that you can look at the videos through the back.

Jill started to walk away and I grabbed her she said no I said look nobody is about lets try it she said you are the only pervert here I pulled her through the curtain and was surprised that there was a couple of guys standing in there that we hadn't noticed we rushed into the cubical and looked around it was small and dark Jill was shaking and said come on lets leave this was something I had only dreamed about and it had happened just out of the blue I kissed her and was feeling her tits saying ok in a minute lets see if the guys outside leave.

I started kissing Jill again and had her blouse open now feeling her wet bra telling her how horny I was when she let the waiter see her leaning back did she like it I pushed her bra up and started sucking her nipple the milk was dripping out I was lapping it up when I saw a light go on in the cabin next door through a hole in the wall again I nearly came there and then I started to say would you have liked the waiter to have sucked your tits like this and gave them a nice squeeze the milk shot out over the wall Jills eyes were closed and she was starting to enjoy me sucking her.

Yes I bet you would have like me to have let him suck them wouldn't you pervert yes i would have do you like getting them played with like this in here yes go on suck them she said I told her I want someone else to do that would you like that she thought I was just trying to get her horny and said yes let get the waiter to suck my tits ok I said but you would be to scared no I wouldnt be right push your tits up against the wall and turned her round we were still standing and I kept needing her tits to keep them flowing with milk the wall was all wet and I pushed her down onto her knees and when her tits were level with the hole I pushed her forward Jill had no idea it was there and I got her tit so it was directly at the hole and got her nipple through it I felt her tighten up but kept her pushed up against the wall and knew that someone was touching her nipple.

Jill said what are you doing I said just what you wanted letting the waiter suck your tits Jill started to shake I asked her if it was nice someone is sucking me she said do you like it yes it is nice he is pulling at my tit I looked and could not believe most of her tit was through the hole I heard him say I will make it easier to pull your tit through here and cum over it there was my wife with her tit halfway through a hole and I was loving it she started to pull back but seemed like she was stuck and the next minute her whole tit disappeared through the hole all the while I was watching this I had stripped everything of my wife she was completely naked pushed up against a wall with her tit getting a lot of attention.

I thought ok this is enough and started to pull her back she said no it wont come out I think it has swollen up Jills eyes were wide what are we going to do I told her I would go next door and help push it back you cant leave me alone I told her it will be ok nobody will come in, I opened the door and was surprised that there was a line of guys waiting and the door was wide open I looked in and could not believe how big my wifes tit looked and her nipple was sticking out about a inch and all red the guy in there said she tastes great I told them she is a bit sore now and I need to push her tit back when I got hold of it I thought there is now way it will then one of the guys said lets all cum over her tit and it will make it slippy and before i said anything two guys were wanking over her tit and when they shot their load they pushed it back through I went back the our cubicle and when I went in Jill was sitting on the floor naked her tit looked all out of proportion one was larger than the other.

I helped Jill up and didnt realise that the door was still open and a couple of guys were looking in at my wife standing there naked and asked if they could taste her milky tits she said no it is to sore what about the other one then I looked at Jill and before I could answer she held it up and one of the guys started to milk her like no tomorrow she just stood there while he sucked it I sat down and the other guy just took hold of the other tit and sucked on that one as well I put my hand on her pussy and she was sooking I thought she had pissed herself I pulled her back and pulled her down onto my cock I was busting to shoot my load into her.

Jill started to shudder like she was having a fit One of the guys was squeezing her tit and shooting the milk into a other guys mouth we sat there for over half a hour with my cock inside my wife while she was milked for loads of guys some had even cum over her tits when I said ok that is enough and started to dress Her she was like in a dream her tits were covered in love bites and her nipples were so long from being sucked a few of the guys wanted to fuck her but I said no I got her dressed and as we left all the guys said please come back and let her be milked again.

We left and said it was the best night ever and might return.