Written by sexyartist69

20 Jul 2008

Hi all

This is just a quick one about a walk my lovely indian girlfriend I took a few weeks ago. She has a great figure, Size 8,long legs and pert 32B breasts with lovely dark nipples that really swell up and harden when sucked. She also has a perfect pussy, shaven and dark lips mmmmm. Perfectly formed!!! She is quite shy but the day in question we were strolling through a nature reserve and she was wearing a short summer dress with bare legs and one of her sexy tight thongs and not much else. After walking for about an hour we found a clearing and a little bench in the sun. I looked around and asked her to sit down. I knelt in front of her and she asked what I was doing and i just told her I was thirsty. I parted her legs and she protested saying someone might catch us but I said i didnt care, i wanted to lick her right there and then. i pushed her legs wide apart with her still saying no and then pulled her tight thong to one side and let my tongue glide across her glistening lips mmmmmmm. She always tastes great and loves being licked. Once my tongue entered her, by now, wet pussy she forgot where she was and started moaning loudly. I was so turned on that she allowed me to lick her in public . Within seconds she had her first orgasm, pulling my head into her dripping pussy making even more excited and within another few minutes she exploded again. It was her first time and I just knew that she would love it as deep down I believe she is a real exhibitionist. We carried on walking with her telling me how wet her knickers were mmmmmmm. You cant beat hot sex in the hot sun mmmm..