Written by Paul and Lorraine

11 Jul 2008

Hi everyone, we normally go abroad this time of year but as we have only just returned from Tenerife in June we thought we would utilise my Brothers caravan for a few days break.

My partner Lorraine (39, 36E bouncy and firm tits with huge stiff nipples, dyed blond shoulder length hair, gorgeous tight firm bum, long legs, narrow waist and wonderful shaved pussy with the wettest puffiest most welcoming lips you could imagine) and myself decided to venture to the site club.

We were there barely an hour and were bored by the cabaret but stuck it out in the hope of better to come? As we were about to leave Lorraine spotted a familiar face and we toughed it out a little longer.

It was a young couple called Jan and Ian (early 30`s) she had spotted who lived fairly close to us and they too were delighted to meet someone to familiar to pass the evening with. We did the usual over the top stuff that you do when you meet someone familiar away from home who you`d perhaps walk past in your home town?

Jan and Ian were in the area for her sisters wedding and Jan had just returned from Amsterdam from the hen night, Ian had just returned from Prague from the stag night. They both looked knackered but the wedding was the next day in Newcastle some 100 miles away and they were staying at the site as a half way house.

Lorraine quizzed Jan if the bride to be had a last hurrah but Jan laughed and said they had been sworn to secrecy. She then asked Ian if the boys had got a result but again he took the fifth amendment. They looked at each other for reassurance and giggled.

Lorraine asked Jan if they had gone to a live sex show and after a little teasing she admitted they had. Ian would say nothing.

After an hour or so we all decided we had had enough for the night and decided to make our way back to the caravans. On the way Jan invited us for a wee drink and we happily accepted.

Jan went to the bedroom as soon as we were in the caravan and emerged wearing a none too sexy nightie that your Granny would have worn to keep her kidney`s warm . Ian and myself laughed like hell but Lorraine insisted we should not abuse their hospitality. Jan laughed it off though to defuse the situation, I assume?

After several more drinks I started to weary and lay on one of the couches as Ian staggered to the room apparently extremely drunk and tired. After an hour or so and many more drinks Lorraine and Jan were confiding in each other and giggling like school girls.

I lay on the couch as they made their way to the kitchen area which is only ten feet or so away but still adjacent to the living area. Lorraine offered me another drink but I said coke will do, no more alcohol. They were standing talking when out of the blue, Lorraine suddenly kissed Jan!

Jan immediately responded and passionately kissed her back. Jan is as I have said 30, Lorraine is 39 and me 48. Lorraine has had a long standing girl on girl affair but I have never seen her kiss another woman. It was electric! Jan is a pretty young woman with a fuller figure, she has perhaps 36C breasts and although not an hour glass figure she does have a lovely bum and real sex appeal.

The kisses became ever more passionate and despite Jans token protests Lorraine soon had her lifting Jans arms and was disrobing her. Jan was still entwined in the kiss and as I sat up and admired her body, Lorraine had entered her pussy with her fingers.

Lorraine had her entranced. Jan kept saying, you know we should not be doing this, it is wrong? Lorraine replied, tell me to stop then honey? Lorraine had Jan upright against the fridge with her legs spread wide, Jan did not ask her to stop.

Lorraine led her over to the couch only feet from me and sat her down. Jan wss looking at me and said, you must think I am a little bitch? Her full and natural pussy was now on full view and looked beautiful. Her prim little tits were pink and her nipples were engorged with blood and rigid.

Although she was saying, oh we should stop, she was pulling Lorraine in by the hair and forcing her face into her hole. I was behind Lorraine in a flash and kneeled behind her and began peeling her jeans from her bum. I kneeled behind her as she licked and fingered Jans pussy and began wanking furiously.

Lorraine turned and said, shoot your spunk on my bum darling. Jan agreed, she said, let me see you come on her bum Paul? Seconds later I was unloading a massive amount on Lorraines bum as Jan was asking her, can you feel his spunk honey?

As an encore Lorraine asked Jan to taste my cock but she refused. Jan asked if she could wank it a little though and did lick the spunk from her fingers as Lorraine fingered her.

It was all over in a flash and we were soon back in our caravan riding each others brains out for the next few hours. It may not be the best ever told but I really enjoyed it.

Thank you Lorraine and Jan