Written by Bitch boy

21 Sep 2009

My Birthday was on the 4th of September, I asked my wife what I was getting for my Birthday, Lynne replied a night of voMy yeurism .Lynne is 38 5/6 “ Long blond hair 36 DD breasts and size 8 , she has a fuck buddy called Sean . Sean has fucked Lynne on a few occasions over the last eight years ,

Lynne had not seen Sean for 18 Months as he is now married and lives a long way,

Sean said he was coming to visit as his wife was away for the weekend .

I was told to run a bath and prepare Lynne’s undies and to lay them out on the bed , I selected Black

g string ,black suspenders with a diamante motif that sparkled, black Cuban heeled seamed stockings ,

A black see through dress that left nothing to the imagination ,six inch patent black stilettos with twin ankle straps .

When I looked into see how her bath was going she was laying back she asked me what I thought ,Lynne had shaved her pussy bald my eyes popped out of my head she never did this for me ,She pulled my head forward and said lick it was so smooth and tasted good.

Lynne went to the bedroom and started to dress and apply her make up ,it’s a strange feeling watching your wife erotically dressing for another man and not me, my cock was rigid she looked amazing her black stockings seams perfectly straight.

Lynne had a couple of wines as we waited apprehensively then came the call ,I am outside,

Lynne went to greet him the atmosphere was electric he gently kissed her ,game on I thought

Lynne led him to the lounge I was told to get him a Bacardi and coke when I came back in they had already stared there passion was spilling over Sean was behind kissing her neck one hand on her ample breast and the other stroking his hand gently up her leg under her dress caressing her stocking top up to her suspender and tracing the length of it until his hand met her crimson flesh slowly his hand edged to her panties , Sean slid his fingers in to her soft moist pussy ,not one but two fingers Lynne threw her head back and gasped out loud the kind of noise you can only hope that one day you will make her do.

It was humiliating but fucking sexy , Lynne told me to take of my trousers and expose my small penis they both just laughed . I was ordered to bring one of our Kitchen chairs into the lounge , Lynne undid Sean’s trousers and pulled them down with his boxers ,Oh my gosh she splutted I forgot how long and thick it was ,Lynne pushed him onto the chair bent forward exposing her cute arse framed in her suspender belt with the perfectly straight seams and the heels of her stilettos she took his penis in her mouth and gently sucked the tip exposing all his pre-cum ,Lynne then looked at me and said happy Birthday darling

Lynne then stood up an over his huge cock, and slowly inch by inch impaled herself on the monster of a cock before her it was amazing

The noises and the view nearly made me spunk there and then I was furiously wanking for all I was worth she rode him back forth up and down .she was so wet it was running out of her down her thighs

All over her stocking tops.

I walked around the chair and asked her the ultimate question was it good and was it deep

Lynne said YES Fucking Deep ,

I asked if he went deeper than Me

she replied in gasping breaths OH GOD YES ,Fucking deeper ,

they both laughed .Sean then stood up with Lynne impaled on his dick fucking her with deep strokes strode toward our couch put her on her back without coming out of her ,

Lynnes gorgeous nylon covered legs in the air his hands caressing her flesh above her stockings tops she fucked fucked her senseless her eyes were rolling in the waves of pleasure that was experiencing.

,I was wanking .Sean was groaning Lynne told me to fuck off outside in the garden and watch through the window which I did spunking my lot all over my hand.

When I was summoned in side I was handed a condom full of Sean’s spunk ,I was made to sit on the chair in the middle of the lounge ,Lynne took the condom and emptied all the contents into my greedy awaiting mouth ,I was then ordered to get Lynne’s next outfit ready.

Over the weekend Lynne wore six different outfits and Sean spunked at least eight times .

What a weekend the best birthday present ever .

Sean told Lynne she would always be his whore ,I wasn’t aloud to fuck Lynne for over two weeks due to her pussy being incredibly sore, If you want to know more let me know.

Bitch Boy