Written by SuperDave

19 Apr 2007

Hello all.

Just had to share with you something that happened on Monday.

I run a small business, doing minor repairs and maintenance, predominantly for pools and surrounding areas. I had a call last week from a client to sort a pump problem in the main pool (The client "Tom" has a large house with about 6 acres of grounds, one indoor pool an one outdoor).

As I turned up, Tom was just pulling away in his car. He buzzed me through the gates and then just said "I've left the pool area unlocked, just go on through. If you need a drink help yourself from the kitchen. I thanked him, drove on and started on the work.

Now as you may recall, Monday was scorching, so as no-one was around, and as I was working in the very hot pump-room, I decided to strip off to my boxers. After about ten minutes I heard some music coming from the poolside. A lady (I assumed Tom's wife) had settled on a lounger, was bikini clad, sipping a beer. I watched through the door grating, as I put my trousers back on. Suddenly, she unclipped her bikini top, revealing a perfect 10 pair. She was in fact, hot all over. She was wearing a white bikini, she was very fit, probably size ten, long blonde hair and very long legs.

I was transfixed, watching through the grate.

I watched on for about five minutes. A couple of times she looked across at the slightly opened door, but I was benefitting from the dark of the room. She could not see me.

As I watched, she stood, walked to the pool and dived in. She swam a couple of lengths, presumably to cool down and the got back out. Before sitting down again, she unhooked her bikini bottoms and gave me a view of a squeaky clean pussy, freshly shaved, I imagined. As ahe reached down for her magazine, she lifted her legs and parted them, exposing her pussy beautifully. I carried on watching through the door.

All of a sudden, the pump kicked in scaring the life out of me and making her look across at the darkened doorwarway I was sat behind. I could see her replacing her bikini and frantically rushed to get my trousers done up and my t-shirt back on. The door opened and I turned to look at her, just as I had turned the torch on and put a wrench into my hand.

"Hiya" I said, "I'm Dave, just fixing the pump? Didn't realise anyone was around. Tom said the place was empty? You nearly scared the life out of me!"

At that point her whole persona cahnged and she smiled broadly and said, "Sorry, he didn't tell me you were coming"

I smiled back, thinking "I nearly did, but that was a close call!"

She went off to get me a drink as I finished off what I was doing. Her name was Jeanette and she was indeed Tom's wife, but at around 34/35 she was a good ten years younger than Tom.

As I finished up, she explained that she only ever uses the inside pool, because the local farmers had made a sport of trying to catch her sunbathing naked from the road. I cheekily said, "you'll have to tell me which days, I need to finish off in there" and smiled. She smiled back and said usually Mondays or Tuesdays. I said my goodbyes and thanked her for the drinks and left.

I have rung Tom this morning though. I have explained that there was a missing filter I needed to replace, only a quick job, but I'll pop back to sort it. He said he was away next week in Hong Kong, but his wife should be around. "Oh, ok, I said, I'll probably pop over Monday or Tuesday"

I'll let you know!......