Written by Shirley

26 Feb 2008

My name is Shirley and this is what happened to me last summer. I\\\'m a 36 year old woman and was divorced two years ago. I am auburn haired with a 36-29-36 figure and love sex, which is why I am divorced, I got caught fucking someone else. I\\\'m quite well off and don\\\'t have to work unless I want to, when I got divorced I thought it would be interesting to work in an all-woman environment. I got a job as a sales office assistant manager, we sold sexy undies and sex toys. The girls made appointments to demonstrate in ladies homes and it was my job to supervise them. I had run a sales team before so it wasn\\\'t difficult, what surprised me was how sexy many women are. A woman may not have the best figure in the world but showing a husband how sexy she could be always pays dividends.

At a home dem the woman whose house it was usually set up the party by inviting friends, I tell you those women learned a lot about each other! They were encouraged to wear the undies and show off to their friends and when it came to sex toys were persuaded to use them on themselves and each other. This was no staid Anne Summers set-up!

I suppose that it was only natural that our girls were naturally sexy people, as I was myself, and I became very friendly with one of them. When I got to know her better I invited her to stay over the weekend. I had a flat in Maidenhead by the river, it was a great location. Sara was a statuesque blonde, about thirty with a great figure. She brought a bottle of wine with her and that Friday night we got to know each other much better and by the time we went to bed we had been swapping sex experiences, it was a real hoot!

In the morning she came into my room at about eight o\\\'clock, she was wearing a completely see through \\\'Baby Doll\\\' nightie without the pants. She looked stunning, \\\'Fancy a cup of tea in bed?\\\', she asked. \\\'Sure,\\\' I replied. She disappeared and five minutes later came back with two cups on a tray. She got in bed with me, I sleep naked and she had a good look. \\\'You look great, really sexy,\\\' she said, I replied that she did too and did she really need the nightie? She laughed and took it off. Now up until then I had never touched another woman but within moments we were kissing.

Soon we were kissing and caressing. She was shaved and had lovely firm breasts and a nice plump mound. She kissed my nipples and as I reacted her hand slipped between my thighs and explored me. I opened my legs, I hadn\\\'t had any sex for a few months and let her do what she wanted. Which very quickly meant oral sex. I must have come in seconds. She raised her head and smiled, I could see my juice filming her face and lifted her head and kissed her, then licked the juice off.

I turned her onto her back and returned the compliment, I\\\'d never tasted any other woman\\\'s love-juice but my own but I found hers delicious. She had a long lipped cunt, a huge clitoral hood and her clit was buried but substantial. I parted her inner lips which grew enormously as she became more and more aroused. I tongue fucked her then sucked her clit, she came noisily, \\\'Christ, you sexy cunt!\\\' she panted, \\\'I wish I had a cock, I\\\'d fuck the arse off you!\\\'

We fucked around, fingers and tongues slippery with juice, faces too and the taste of each other\\\'s and our own cunt juice on our lips. We must have done that for about threequarters of an hour, then we lay back and smiled at each other. Sara looked at me, \\\'I\\\'ve never had such fun with a woman,\\\' she told me. I said, \\\'I\\\'ve never had a woman at all till now!\\\' We laughed. There was no doubt that we felt sexy all weekend.

So, my friendship with Sara deepened and we really did become firm friends. Then one weekend she suggested having a holiday getting fucked, \\\'When were you last fucked?\\\' she asked. \\\'Too long ago!\\\' I told her. That\\\'s when she suggested the holiday, \\\'I know just where to go, I have a cousin, she\\\'s married but very sexy. She told me that the place to go is Turkey, apparently the men are all up to fuck european women.\\\' I said, \\\'Why not?\\\'

She made the arrangements and one Saturday evening we took off from Gatwick and four hours and some landed at an airport called Dalaman. We hired a taxi which took us to a town called Fethiye, we arrived at about two in the morning. We went straight to bed and didn\\\'t wake up until about half ten, it was already very warm. We wandered about showering and getting dressed, in our case in as little as possible. Then we went out, the town didn\\\'t look like a holiday resort at all, but over a cup of coffee we learned that there were beaches nearby but that the nightlife was better in Fethiye. Our informant was an English girl, she said, \\\'I can guess why you\\\'re here and I can tell you the cocks are out of this world,\\\' she smiled and left us. \\\'Sounds like our sort of town,\\\' Sara said.

That afternoon we took the water-taxi to Calis Beach, it was a bit grotty looking but a good location, bars, hotels and restaurants all along the back of the beach and hiring a sunbed and parasol very cheap. We hadn\\\'t put bikinis on or anything so we just sat for a couple of hours and watched the world go by, those Turkish men certainly were good-looking.

We went back at about four to our apartment, there was one bedroom with two single beds and we stripped off and had a sleep. It was nice to be so totally easy with another woman, we each thought the other very sexy and I loved looking at Sara. When we woke it was about seven in the evening, we showered and dressed again. We decided to have a look round the shops, loads of clothes, carpet and jewellery shops, quite apart from all the restaurants. The men in the shops very insistent and eyeing our bodies, nice!

We went and had dinner in a nice looking place, Turkish food is delicious, then went back to strolling round. We went into one or two bars, the measures were huge compared to the U.K. We soon learned that Turkish brandy was probably the best of the spirits, imported you could get but much more expensive. We wandered into a bar called the Blues Bar and found that they had dancing. We were drinking brandy and coke and were soon being asked to dance. We both got up at the same time and when we retuirned to our table collapsed in hoots of laughter, it seemed that all those lovely Turks had a hard-on when they danced with us. \\\'I\\\'m beginning to get real horny,\\\' Sara said. I knew what she meant, \\\'Are we going to?\\\' I asked. \\\'That\\\'s what we came here for, isn\\\'t it?\\\', Sara replied.

Soon we had picked out a couple of lads that we fancied and made a point of dancing with them and no-one else, they soon got the idea. \\\'I fuck you?\\\' the boy I was dancing with asked. \\\'Oh yes,\\\' I told him. We stayed until about half twelve then took them back to our apartment. The boys were whispering to each other, I gave them each a towel and they went in the shower. They came out with appreciable bulges in the towels wrapped around them. Then Sara and I went in, we had both drunk plenty, \\\'Christ,\\\' Sara said, \\\'I am looking forward to this!\\\' I was too.

We came out and took our boy to our beds. I had found out that mine\\\'s name was Hakan, I told him to put the towel over the bed and he displayed a half=hard cock that was about seven and a half inches long. He kissed me straightaway and began caressing my boobs, my niopples erected immediately and I took his cock in my hand. I could feel it getting hard and began to wank him gently. Then he was kissing my nipples and sucking them, I\\\'m a real nipple girl and it turned me right on so that when he began kissing his way down my body I didn\\\'t stop him. He started by kissing the lips of my fanny but as it opened very quickly he was soon licking inside, then tongue fucking me before sucking my clit.

That did it, \\\'Fuck me, fuck me,\\\' I murmurmed urgently. He turned round his face covered in my cunt juice, I kissed him and licked the juice off his face as he mounted me. I spread my legs wide then, as he got between them brought my knees up. He found the target without any trouble and was soon pushing his cock up me. By now his cock had grown to at least eight inches and was fat with it.

I loved the feel of it deep inside me and held him still for a minute or two glorying in it. I knew that I was lubricating like mad and when he started fucxking he slid easily in and out, his fat cock rubbing mny clit delightfully at the same time. Now I couldn\\\'t remember ever having come while being fucked, but I did now, constantly. Sara told me afterwards that I was very noisy. It wasn\\\'t long before I was begging Hakan to fuck me harder, he obliged, I wanted to feel him coming inside me, but wanted him to last at the same time. Well, he didn\\\'t last too long the first time and he spurted hard and often deep inside me filling my cunt to the brim.

I crossed my legs over his back and didn\\\'t let him pull out, my mind full of visions of sex, I couldn\\\'t remember the last time I had felt so sexy. My cunt throbbed pleasantly and I tightened the muscles inside and gripped his cock. He\\\'d gone a bit soft but the bulk of such a big one felt wonderful even though he wasn\\\'t fucking. In fact I had never even seen a cock the size he had before, let alone been fucked by one. I murmured in his ear, \\\'You have lovely big cock, Hakan.\\\' \\\'Turkish cock is \\\'yarak\\\',\\\' he replied, \\\'I fuck you cunt many times.\\\' \\\'Just what I want,\\\' I told him.

I took a look across at Sara, she was in exactly the same position, her boy had fucked her and was resting inside her just as Hakan was in me. She mouthed, \\\'Good fuck?\\\' I mouthed back, \\\'Great!, she laughed. We were soon being fucked again, this time Hakan lasted a good fifteen minutes, it got very sloppy as his spunk, mixed with my juice, oozed out of my cunt and over everything. But it was also very sexy, I came and came. When I felt him getting near the end I said, \\\'Come over me Hakan,\\\' He looked puzzled, I said, \\\'Pull your yarak out and psst, pssst all over me!\\\' \\\'Ah yes, I understand!\\\' he replied. When the moment came I raised my head and opened my mouth. He slipped out of me, grabbed his cock and pumped it a couple of times then he started spunking. The first spurt hit my face, some going in my mouth, the second was aimed better and nearly all of it went in my mouth then he direct streams of it all over me, I had never seen so much cum in all my life. My body shuddered and a huge thrill went through me, I swallowed, his cum was nice. As he finished I pulled him up to me and sucked his flaccid cock into my mouth, I licked him clean and had him hard again in less than five minutes. He turned me over and pulled me up onto my knees, then I felt his cock pushing at my bum-hole, I pulled away from him, \\\'Not there, not there!\\\' I spat, \\\'In my cunt, only in my cunt!\\\' He understood and pushed his cock into me doggy style.

I like doggy style and thoroughly enjoyed the next half hour. That night was one of the messiest fuckings I have ever experienced, I made so much juice and Hakan filled me with so much cum that most of it distributed itself all over us, not that we cared it was just so sexy. After the doggy fuck we slept, sometime during the night I felt Hakan pushing his cock up me from behind and enjoyed another long fucking. The next time he pushed it up me from behind again but I did the fucking. I don\\\'t know exactly how many times we fucked, I lost count, I should have been sore, but I wasn\\\'t, there was so much spunk and stuff about that Hakan was sliding easily in and out of me despite his size. Sometime around five o\\\'clock I was wokem up by him getting out of bed and I heard the muezzin, he didn\\\'t return.

Sara and I woke about nine, we looked at each other bleary eyed, \\\'Christ,\\\' she said, \\\'what a night, I\\\'ve never been fucked like that in all my life!\\\' \\\'Me neither,\\\' I said. We got up to shower, I looked at her, she had kiss marks all over and her cunt was swollen and red, I suppose I was the same. We giggled.

Well that set the pattern for our holiday, we fucked every night with several different lads and in the daytime too with some older men. We went into one of the carpet shops and I immediately hit it off with the owner, he took me in the back and fucked me standing up. His cock was the biggest I had ever had up me, it must have been nine inches long and three inches thick, I had never seen anything like it. He said, \\\'All Turkish men have big cocks, I fuck you plenty!\\\'

Sara had waited with the manager while I was fucked, then he took her in the back room and gave her what I\\\'d just had! Another time we accepted the invitation of a jeweller to visit his apartment to look at the view, he fucked both of us, twice. He was another man with a big cock, about eight inches. Incidentally the view was stupendous, all over the Bay and the mountains.

After a fortnight\\\'s fucking like we\\\'d never been fucked before we returned home vowing to return the following year. My carpet man, not the best looking man in the world but an exceptional fuck, pleaded with me to come on my own, \\\'I fuck you all the time!\\\' he said.