Written by loverofnylon

11 Feb 2013

What are good mates for? I recently got in contact with an old friend who said come down to Essex for a drink and catch up. so one evening I drove down to Roydon, and met in the local pub. He had brought Suzy his wife so she wouldn't be left alone (and I see why - she was gorgeous! Quite petite, about 5' 5"blonde medium length hair, and cheeky grin!)

The drinks flowed quite freely, catching up on old times, and Suzy chatted quite openly too. I hadn't noticed earlier on but she was fresed in a flowery dress down to her knees, but as she crossed her legs her hem seemed to rise up her thigh and I was sure I saw a stocking or hold up top reveal itself. I think she knew I had been looking as she let her hem stay there a little bit too long. As we drank more and more, her hubby became more and more pissed, so much so we had to carry him home! I had drunk too much, so it was suggested I stay the night whilst I sobered up too.

Another nightcap, and a smooch on the floor later, and Suzy was pressing her body against my crotch. I think hubby had almost passed out as he slouched on the settee on the other side of the room. I was certainly getting quite aroused! Through the thin material of her dress I could feel the top of her hold ups, and she let my hands linger there. He couldn't have been totally out of it, as I suddenly heard him suggest that Suzy would be more comfortable out of her dress! She just whispered all would be fine, as they had often wondered about letting her enjoy someone else, and as I was not local, I might be a possibility! I was quite uncertain, but Suzy was feeling my erection through my trousers and it certailly needed release!

She dropped her dress over her shoulders and those beautiful breasts were bursting to get out of that black bra, with a little red ribbon on the front. Her left breast had a little mole which I kissed gently as I undone and removed her bra. Her nipples were surrounded by a lovely pink circle that appeared to get smaller as her nipples hardened. She knelt down before me, unzipped me, and extracted my cock. Hubby still had a drink in hand and was nodding slowly. I nearly came straight away as she slid my cock into her mouth! After only a short while I had to stop her as I was very excited. I got her to stand up and exchange positions. As I drew her panties down over her stockings, I witnessed a very neat and tidy pussy, totally waxed, tiny inner lips that I parted as I penetrated her with my tongue. That didn't last long as we both needed the ultimate. I stood up, my cock pressing into her stomach. Suzy was trembling, and looking over at hubby, seeking his permission I would assume. A quick nod, and she grasped my cock and guided it into her as I pinned her against the wall. She wrapped her nyloned legs around me and I'm afraid it wasn't long before I was ejaculating deep inside her as she shuddered against me.

We were all knackered and just slumped to the floor. Suzy was sandwiched between us and sometime during the night I can remember waking up with a raging hard on, which I tried to ignore. Suzy was still nude except for her stockings and was facing hubby. She appeared to be sound asleep, but I touched her pussy which was still very wet, but she did not stir. I coiled around her, and let my tip of my cock touch her pussy lips. Still no movement, so I let my cock enter her very slowly, a little at a time. It was so quiet you could hear it squelch as it penetrated her. It was divine, I let myself rock backwards and forwards and suddenly got a reaction. As I was entering her, she rammed herself back onto me. But once again, the eroticness of the situation was too much and I came almost straight away. I dont think hubby was even aware of that occasion!

In the morning - well sore heads all round, but not a word of the previous evening. More talk of the old days, a couple of black coffees, and back home. Wonder if its time for another reunion update? lol