Written by Lisa

3 Feb 2017

The wedding had finished at 11pm but my sister and I were not ready to go home plus my husband was working and he knew I would be staying at my sisters so we headed to a nightclub in Glasgow.Nothing much happened until about 1am when we started dancing with a couple of guys who seemed friendly enough we were all getting on great and drinking far too much when the guys asked if we would go back one of their houses for a nightcap.I wasn't sure but was starting to get wet at the thought of having a different cock up me instead of my husbands.The taxi journey was not very long and when we arrived my sister went to a room downstairs, while I was led upstairs with a hand under my dress squeezing my arse I should have said earlier that I was 31 at the time and the guy was 48, once in the room my dress was quickly discarded with bra so I just had a thong on that as getting wetter by the second.The guy took his trousers and boxers off his cock sprang out and I started wanking him then he took my thong off and got on top of me sliding his cock in,it felt great his balls banging against my arse after about 10 mins he came and I could feel his cum dripping down my thighs I must have fell asleep for a while but was woken with my stomach being kissed and his tongue working its way down to my pussy licking and nibbling my lips while sticking 2 fingers in me I was in heaven and couldn't hold back and I'm sure I squirted on his mouth something I've never done with my husband. He said he wanted to fuck me again so this time I bent over arse in the air , when there was a knock on the door and his friend appeared he didn't come in but stood in the doorway watching as the guy I was with fucked me hard and stretched my pussy while I pushed back on his cock for all I was worth, he soon came and it was then I left .I have though and mastubated about that night many a time and have thought should I have took them both