Written by Shirley

4 Jul 2009

This is something that happened to me last year, I was a widow of fifty, after being married for twenty two years I lost my husband eight years ago. I am blonde and still had a good figure (still have!) and on this particular day I had walked to our local village shop one sunny September morning. My bungalow stands on it's own a good mile from the village, I have no near neighbours, and it's a walk I enjoy. Strolling back home with a basket of shopping I somehow managed to trip and fall, I was really shaken up. The next moment a car stopped by me and a man got out, 'I saw you fall,' he said, 'are you all right?' 'I'm not sure,' I replied, he helped me up. 'Ow,' I yelped, 'my thigh really hurts and I do feel a bit groggy.' 'Where do you live?' the man asked. 'About half a mile straight down the road,' I replied. He took my arm, 'Come on, I'll drive you there,' and helped me as I gingerly lowered myself into the seat.

A couple of minutes later he was helping me into my home, 'I'm not sure,' he commented, 'that you ought not to let someone have a look at you.' 'No, I don't want that, I'm sure it's just bruising,' I sat on a kitchen stool. 'I'll put the kettle on,' the young man said, 'tell you what, why don't you have a nice warm bath?' 'Good idea,' I limped into the bathroom and turned the bath-taps on. I heard him making a cup of tea and a couple of minutes later he brought in a cup for me, 'Hope you don't mind,' he said, 'I've made myself one. I'll stay just to make sure that you're okay, if you need anything just call out.' He closed the bathroom door behind him.

I stripped slowly, finding new aches and pains, blouse and skirt, then my bra and pants, I looked in the mirror, the side of my left arm and my left hip and thigh were already red. I lowered myself carefully into the warm water then added more hot and relaxed back. After about ten minutes there came a knock on the door, 'Are you okay? Sorry didn't ask your name.' 'Yes, I'm obviously going to be black and blue but I'm sure I'll be all right. The name's Shirley by the way and, if you're wondering if there is anyone else, I'm a widow and I'm very grateful for your help.'

'I have to go now, Shirley,' the man said, 'my name is Brian and, if it's okay with you I'll pop in in a couple of days just to see that you're okay.' 'I'll look forward to it, Brian, and thank you so much again.' He said goodbye and left.

I lay back, 'What a gentleman', I thought, 'He could easily have taken advantage of me.' I smiled, he had been about thirty-five, I thought, very good-looking and with an athletic build, very sexy. My thoughts turned to sex, so long alone and no man in my life, although Ron and I had led a very full sex life that I had enjoyed very much. I started fantasizing, what if Brian had come on to me? My hands strayed over my body, my nipples were sensitive and my right hand crept down between my thighs and I began to caress the lips of my fanny. Soon I was masturbating strongly, this was my sex-life now and I didn't stop until in my fantasy Brian had made me cum several times.

A few days later I was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee when the doorbell rang, getting up rather stiffly I went to the door. Brian was standing there, 'Oh, hello, Brian, how nice, come in, come in.' He followed me into the kitchen, 'I can see that you're not entirely comfortable, Shirley,' he said. 'No, I'm certainly not, you ought to see my bruises!' I lifted the left side of my skirt and showed him my thigh and hip. 'God, no wonder you were shaken up,' he said. I held my skirt up just a little bit longer than necessary knowing that in doing so he could see between my legs. 'My left arm too,' I undid my blouse and slipped my arm out of the sleeve to show him knowing also that he'd see my breasts, I was rather proud of the fact that they had retained their shape. 'Not quite so painful now as they were for a couple of days, I'm really grateful for your help that day, you'll stay for a coffee?' 'Sure, matter of fact I have the day off.' I asked him how he took his coffee and made him a cup and we sat down.

It became obvious during the next hour or so that Brian found me attractive and at one stage he said, 'You said that you're a widow Shirley?' 'Yes,' I replied, 'I don't know, for eight years now I think.' 'Don't you get lonely?' 'I certainly do, one or two of my friends tried to get me to go to a singles club or go on outings so that I might meet someone, but that isn't me,' I shrugged, 'So here I am.'

'I can't see how such an attractive woman hasn't attracted a man or two.' I shrugged, 'I suppose it's because I don't go anywhere, mind you I do miss having a man around. Men do have their uses!' I laughed. Brian joined me, laughing as he said, 'I can imagine at least one use you would put a man to!' 'Oh, so can I, don't you worry! Women have urges too you know!' I knew that I was being deliberately provocative.

Brian got up and came round to where I was sitting, 'You're a very attractive woman, Shirley, and a passionate one too if I'm any judge.' 'Yes, I'll bet you are a good judge, of women I mean. You are a really sexy man, good-looking too, a lonely woman's dream.' He bent over and kissed me, 'Oh, I know what you'd be good for, darling, and we'd both enjoy it.' I stood up and in an instant I was in his arms, I was pressed against him and could feel the soft bulk of his genitals on my stomach. My body reacted instantly. Then we were kissing passionately. Next thing he had lifted me up in his arms, 'Where?' he queried. 'Just along the passage second door on the right,' I panted.

He lowered me onto the bed, 'I've seen quite a lot of you already, Shirley, no I intend to see a lot more!' He kissed me, then began unbuttoning my blouse, I was left with just my knickers on in about two minutes. Brian stood by the bed and stripped and I saw the first dick I had seen for many a year, he was hard of course, a good seven inches of thick shaft topped by a big purple head, the skin of which was stretched so tight it seemed about to burst. 'What a lovely sight,' I gasped. 'Exactly what I was thinking about you,' he replied, smiling. I was glad that I had put on a fairly sexy pair of knickers that morning as he bent over me, he kissed me, then kissed my breasts and sucked at my nipples before sliding my knickers down and off. 'What a beautiful cunt!' he exclaimed, staring between my thighs. I have a plump mound, something Ron always adored, with very little pubic hair and long lips to my fanny. He gently caressed them as we continued to kiss and I played with his dick. It felt wonderful, so hard, and sort of rippley beneath the skin, he had big balls too. I was aroused immediately.

'God, Shirley,' Brian panted, 'I do want you!' 'I want you too, darling, come on I haven't had one of these inside me for years!' He moved over me as I spread my legs. Then he was between them and I felt the knob of his dick nosing between the soft lips of my fanny. The next moment it was sliding up into me, it felt huge and long, then I felt his balls jammed against my bottom, I clutched him kissing passionately. 'Oh Brian!' I gasped as he began to move. Soon he was thrusting with a forceful, but not uncomfortable, rhythm and I was in dreamland. Soon I felt the first signs of an orgasm and couldn't believe it, Ron had never made me cum while doing me, now it looked as if Brian was going to give me one the very first time he did me! I began to ride and react to his thrusting, 'That's it darling, enjoy it!' he panted. My mind filled with erotic images, dicks and fannies, fucking and cumming, spunk everywhere. I came suddenly..... then again, I couldn't believe, but I surely did enjoy it! 'More, darling,' I pleaded and he redoubled his efforts, making me cum more until suddenly he gasped, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' He groaned, thrust fiercely into me, pulled back and a hot strong spurt began to fill me. He came for longer and more plentifully than any man had ever come in me before and I screamed my pleasure.

Brian flopped on me and I hugged and kissed him, stroking his strong back as I felt the spunk oozing, a feeling I hadn't felt for years and had forgotten all about. He had certainly shot a huge load up me and I loved it, I loved the oozy feeling as his dick softened and more spunk found it's way out and ran round my bottom, messy but oh, so sexy!

After an interval of kissing and telling each other how much we had enjoyed it we got up and went to shower, afterwards I changed the bedclothes and put a thick bathsheet over the bottom sheet as I was sure that Brian would fuck me again, which, of course he did. In fact he has fucked me many times since. He told me that he was married but that he had this yen for 'different cunts' as he put it, I couldn't have cared less, for the time being, at least, he's fucking me and I'm loving it.