Written by PB

1 Mar 2008

I had been going out with Jean for some 6 weeks. We were both in our mid 40s and single. Our sex life had graduated from a first night fumble, fingering and Jean giving me a blow job in the car and swallowing. The first time we had "proper" sex Jean had gone smooth and when stripped off she looked magnificent with a pair of the best breasts I had seen with huge firm nipples. I just had to kiss and lick her all over and the taste from her shaven pussy was like wine. As she began her orgasm, she squirted her juice into my mouth and I savoured every last drop. At this she slid down and began to suck, lick and caress my cock, the more she sucked she had gradually began inserting her finger into my anus, a first for me, and the feeling was just sublime. Rather than let me cum in her mouth she climbed back up my body and eased her soaking pussy onto my erect and willing cock. As she towered above me she just rocked backwards and forwards as if to tease. I stretched my hand up to play with her breasts and nipples and as I played she screamed for me to pinch her as hard as I could. She screamed that she as about to cum and as I felt her surge of love juice I also came with such a force as I had almost forgotten.

The next morning we repeated the procedure and the performance was just as good.

We continued for some weeks and we gradually started to be more adventurous and try anal. Our first attempt was slow and easy and Jean screamed out in pleasure and after we both had come she was ready for another try. We did it twice more and ended with normal sex and for a change I was on top and was able to play with all aspects of her body.

We had been out for a meal on Saturday night and were to stay at Jeans for a change, also we could both have a drink with not having to drive. We got back to Jeans and I followed her trail of clothes to the bedroom where we had the most sensational sex we'd had. Jean licked sucked and played with my cock and anus, including licking round my rosebud. After a good nights sleep, the bedroom door opened to our surprise and there was Jeans daughter with a pot of tea, toast and newspapers. She sat on the bed and poured our tea, what surprised us both, there were 3 cups. We all had a cup of tea and there was no embarrassment, so much so that Jeans daughter took her dressing gown off and slid into bed with us. I looked at Jean and she gave her permission to continue playing with her daughter, who was not as large as her mother but had a gorgeous body with full pubes. As I entered her, Jean was looking on with admiration and gently licked her lips and then slid over and started to play with my rear end again. All of a sudden, Jean got up from the bed and went to her dressing table returning with a strap-on and some KY. She greased my bum and then inserted the dildo, all the time I was shagging her daughter. As I came, Jeans daughter had smile on her face and also began comming with her own throes of passion. Jean continued to fuck my arse until she came.

We all retired to the shower, and again Jean slid down to suck my cock again.