Written by jono

1 Sep 2019

I've just finished by first week at work this is how I got the job

I had my interview late Friday afternoon , it was tat really hot Friday , I was dressed in a open collared shirt and tight black trousers and no underwear to let the air circulate

I arrived early and waited in reception eyeing up the receptionist the a lady from the office wandered in and said you might as well leave now I will lock up

I followed Louise in to the office her white blouse and black skirt billowing in the breeze from the fan, her hips swaying in rhythm I think she saw me staring

The interview went well, I couldn't stop staring at her chest i'm sure she wasn't wearing a bra, she got up to get something for me to sign when she dropped them she leant down to pick them up , she seemed to be down there for a long time , she game up very flushed. I dropped the pen on the floor so I could look up her skirt her legs were placed as far apart as the desk would allow

As I stood up I was surprised that a few buttons on her blouse had become undo, she said you are the youngest man I have for this job and the best looking as well she got up walked around the desk slowly removing her blouse , I was right no bra just firm tits not too big a nice hand ful, she said I've removed my top take your shirt off ,which I did in a hurry I stood behind her massaging her tits with my prick slowly growing in my trousers pushing into her backside, she pulled away dropped her skirt and knickers on the floor , whilst she was doing this I dropped my trousers , pushed her over the desk and shoved my prick up her cunt it didn't take long as I pumped spunk up her lubricated cunt. She sat me down on her chair kneeled on the floor and sucked my prick back to hardness . Then we swapped positions and sucked her clean

As we tided our selves up she said to me you have the job you start at the start of next month and I hope you will come and see me when you start