Written by keith and moira

13 Mar 2007

Doug and I have been friends for a long time, we have shared each others wife on several occassions either as a couple or in a slightly larger group. Indeed it was Doug that got me into sharing and wife watching after several sessions with Eve his wife. I had met a very sexy 18 year old girl with a very lovely athletic body and beauty to match, Debbie loved sex and I loved having her, she was not a virgin and she had indulged in a lesbian affair which she told me about. I had planned on a sauna during the afternoon when Debbie walked into my room she was at a loose end so I invited her to join me in the sauna at 3pm and I gave her a task to complete. After she left the room I telephoned Doug and told him about the sauna with Debbie and invited him to join us there. Debbie was unaware of this. We got to the sauna early and Deb and I stripped naked and showered each other my hands were all over her feeling her tits and her lovely pert hard buttocks bur keeping clear of her sex. I looked at it and saw the tight lips almost virginal topped with a soft light downey pubic hair. My cock was rampant and she went down on me and took it into her mouth. After a short time I pulled her to her feet and led her into the sauna and laid her along the wooden bench, I opened her legs and began to lick her and tickle her clit with my tongue. It didn't take long for that beautiful flower to started to open to my mouth and the little bud danced under my tongue. Without to much effort I slid my cock deep inside her and fucked her hard and fast excited by the thought that Doug would be joining us soon. I didn't last long and shot my love juice deep inside her lovely belly. I pulled out and went to the shower where I knew Doug was waiting. He was naked and his big uncircumsised cock was really hard and ready, I held him in my hand and stroked him a few times before taking him into my mouth briefly. I led him to the sauna door and we looked through the window to see Deb laying face down with her eyes shut. Doug walked in and I watched through the window as he moved up to her and ran his hands over her bottom feeling for the wet open pussy hidden deep between her legs, she responded by parting her legs to give him access. I walked in and Deb opened her eyes and saw me standing by the door she did not turn a hair as she looked at Doug and got into a sitting position with her legs wide open for him. He wasted no time and burried his head between her legs and stated to suck her hard. I moved in and started on her tits. She was writhing and moaning enjoying every moment with the two of us playing with her fabulous body. Doug pulled her down to a lower bench and leaned her back placing her legs over his shoulders the his long thick cock touched the opening lips of her fanny and he slowly slipped his whole length into her. Her head was almost under the bench above so all I could do was to let her stroke my cock and watch Doug slide his cock in and out of her lovely tight pussy. It was really great as he pumped her hard and she moaned loudly as he shot his load into her belly and she came over his cock. Now he turned her around so that she was standing with her arse towards him, he bent her double and entered her again and began to fuck her more slowly. I sat at her head and as doug thrust deep inside her she moved her head up and down on my cock. What a session we all came several times and Debbie was well and truely serviced. We went to the showers together and showered each other Doug and I paying particular attetion to washing her pussy and tits before we finally dried ourselves and left. Doug went home to Eve and Deb came back to my room I asked her what she thought of having two men at the same time and her only reply was when shall we do it again it was really great!

We did do it again in her bedsit when she dressed in a very short Greek style nylon off the shoulder dress for us with no knickers on but more about that some other time.