Written by ttx

21 May 2014

A change in every day day life is what happened to us, I got another job it was like a step up that is why I took it, the problem was we had to move, there is only the two of us now kids have moved on, any way it all happened we moved I stated my new job, about six months went by it was about that time the missus started to moan its not the same up here I lost my old friend and so on, we don't go out like we used to, Anne had spent six months getting the house how she wanted it and the garden she spent time in that was all done now

We had moved from the London area to the west midlands by doing so we bought the house it was ours and had some in the bank so a good move that way plus I had good job

I suggested she find a job or some interest, the first thing she joined a gym and I will say she made a couple of friends, from them that lead on to a part time job

Anne seem happy,we ticked along like that, it was getting on a year and in that time more friend from my work things seen okay

It would be a few months later Anne had started going on girls night out with some mates from where she worked, that became a regular thing, I took up golf about that time and was busy with that and work, what was happening was we where having a more separate life you don't realize it jest seems to happen

All was fine for a time, we did are own thing it was normal for Anne to say oh Monday evening I not home or what ever I never questioned it or thought any thing of it, I may go up the golf rang one evening she be doing the same sort of thing

I did start to notice some times she get home quite late odd times I be in bed and she be there in the morning but there again I may say you where late she yes and I let it go

One day I booked a table for us at a restaurant it was a birthday treat for Anne,I had been told its very nice not cheep but very good, when we got there the water took us to our table it seemed funny I swear he knew Anne, it was a lovely meal, when we left the same water said to Anne nice to see you again, I asked later if she been there before and she said no his mixed me up with some else, I didn't think any more of it at the time

The next thing to come to my attention was a few weeks before Christmas, a few of the guys from work wanted to go out after work the time of year thing, I went along and all it ended up being who could drink the most or it seemed that way,we staggered out of a pub the road was full of people the cars where being held up as one came past me it had a woman in it in the passengers seat that was a the spiting image of Anne, I did say to one of the guys that's my missus and he said your pissed, I had a god bit by then

It was Saturday the next day I was well hung over, Anne was telling me how daft I was and all that you get off the wife, then I remembered the woman in the car, and said what was you doing in a car going down that Carr road, her expression changed she snapped you where pissed I was at the gym, it was the next week at work where who did what and so on well a things come back to me and I asked what time did we come out that last pub and was told it close at twelve thirty so it be jest after that a penny dropped Anne was at the gym so she said not at that time of night, oh well I got it wrong

A short time later a friend of Anne's pop round and I over heard her say we don't see much of you now, I did get that right and as far as I know she on regular girls night out or that is what I am told, with the restaurant the car now this I was wondering what was happening I also thought I maybe reading to much into it

It was the week before Christmas and she said there was gym members do on, and I said I would take her and drop her off she want to get a taxi but I insisted which I did do I dropped her out the the main door as I drove off on the left it says staff parking and there was what looked very much like the silver BMW I thought I hat seen her in

It still didn't prove any thing, Christmas was as normal, the first week of Jan, Ane went back to the gym, that night it was could I was at home I made my mind up to go and see if she was at the gym, when I got there her car was there and it looked like it had been the hour it should of been a little ice on it, I then went and asked if my wife was there the girl at the desk seemed flustered and asked who I was I said her husband, then she said she didn't know, well members have a card and swipe in I would of thought she could find out she said she didn't know and that was the end of that, I went back at eleven the car park was empty apart from one car my wife's I parked up next door where I could see her car and waited with my lights off,, jest before twelve a silver BMW stopped beside my wife's car two people got out after a few minuets, the door open the inside light came on I could see it was Anne she started her car that chatted he was quite tall and very dark looking, he then cleaned the windscreen for her he then leaned in the car and they must of kissed and she drove off flowed by him

By the time I got home Anne was there she said you been to the golf club I said yes, she was as normal and nice as ever, the next day in the evening she seem a little edgy and asked if I had been up the gym I said no why to which she said it don't matter

Then came a girls night, I asked where they where going she told jest a pub a drink and a chat

Thinking on my feet I said I drop you off I got to get some fuel in my car save the taxi,

So that is what happened I dropped her at the Crown, on the main road I let her go in then drove round the pub to where the car park is bugger me that BMW was there

I carried on and parked a little way down the road after a short time the BMW came out two people in it, I flowood and almost lost it one set of lights, we where getting to the outside of town when it went left into a road I did the same it then turned left into a drive between a hedge, as I past slowly they where getting out

Once more I parked up and went back to the house,it took a bit of courage on my part to go in the drive, I couldn't see any thing, some how I found more courage I went round the back there was a path but over grown its never used, I had to get by a waterbut, at the end at the back was a patio and french windows light was coming out a gap in the curtains

I got close to the gap inside was what looked like a lounge my wife stood at one side looking at what could of been CDs she looked quite at home,then in came the guy I had seen with two bottles of wine then he went and came back with a hand full of of glasses

put then down and went over to Anne as they looked at the CDs he had a hand on her ares she didn't move it could of been me with my hand there, then I heard a car pull up in the front I almost shit myself,a few seconds later the guy went off, he came back with a younger couple both looked Asion she was very pretty, Anne went over to them she kissed the girl but not a peck on the cheek but on the lips then the young man

They ended up sitting and talking the two women on one sofa and the two men on another, it looked like they where enjoying themselves they seemed to laugh a lot, this went on for a time, I keep my eye on Anne,she was saying some thing to the girl she took her glass and put it down then twisted round to face her and kissed her this was a full on snog, as they where doing that my wife's hand where all over the girl as you think a man would do, the two men where now watch as well, I watched my wife's hand leave a brest and go to the girls knee then up under her skirt the girl parted her legs for Anne the skirt ruck up, it was obvious what Anne was doing to her the way her arm was moving, the girl got her arms round my wife as they snogged, they stopped Anne then tugged the girls skirt right up we all could see as plain as day what my wife's hand was doing, the girl had no panties on and her legs where now wide apart

It was then the two men picked up the coffee table and moved it out the way,as soon as they did that Anne knelt in front of the girls open legs more and went down on her the girl looked like she was really enjoying it, seeing her do that I never knew or thought Anne may of been bi there never been any hint she was, the two men where not getting undressed

The first was the older guy when his boxes came down a really stiff and very large cock sprung free, the younger man when his was out was even bigger it seemed,he was first to move he went behind Anne pulled her dress up onto her back she had hold ups on and no knickers like the girl, he knelt down and looking down he lind that thing up, he gave a thrust Anne's head came up she received another thrust he must of been right up her she then went back to doing what she was doing, it wasn't as easy to do as he fucked her

The older guy was now trying to get his cock in the girls mouth she was soon sucking on it,this went on fro a time,then the men swapped round, the older guy seem excited he was given it to Anne as hard as he could, the other man had the his end in the girls mouth and was waning himself he was first to cum his first spurt went over her face before the end went back in her mouth soon after that it was very obvious what was happening with the other guy my wife was getting is spunk inside her

The two guys where finished but Anne went up the girl and licked her face before sitting beside her, they seemed to be joking about what they had jest done, they talked then the older guy stood up and they went out a door a light came on above me they gone upstairs to a bedroom I was cold but had a hard on up to my neck

I made my way back round the house to go to my car, I jest couldn't believe what I had witnessed, I drove home it wasn't that late when I got in, I sat down and thought about what I had jest seen and my hard on was back I had to relieve myself and bloody hell when I did, it so intense I had not cum like that in years seeing that was like all my fancies had become real at once

When I sat down again and thought about it wasn't a sexual rush, what I had seen was for real, it was sirius my wife was unfaithful, but why, was it me and it seemed she was bi I would of never guess that in a hundred years but she must be really into it she was the aggressor it seemed with that girl she made the running and why black men well Ashon and not one there was two of them a bloody orgy almost and what the hell did they get up to upstairs or maybe doing right now, that thought started to give a lob on

What to do now should I have it out with Anne when she comes in or not say any thing

I sat there wondering what to do, time past before I knew it, it was almost one o'clock and Anne came in she was surprised to see me still up, she was quite normal her every day self no hint of what she been doing at all, she told me about the girls night the gossip

In bed she kissed me I put my hand over she said not tonight darling its late I am tired

It was the same in the morning she kissed me goodbye and said have a good day see you this evening so very bloody normal

The next time was the gym, I let her go then went over to and parked in the road where the house is, as I thought the car turned up and went into the drive there was two people in it, I gave them a couple of minuets and made my way round the back, it was the same as before I could see in they where in the lounge talking after a time he stood up and said some thing held his hand out Anne smiled and stood up held his hand and they went out the room then that light came on above me it had to be his bedroom, I went home and I felt frustrated, I did that a few time when she went out but it was always the same they would go upstairs

It was very strange and unexpected how I felt, I was hurt the fact my wife was doing that behind my back but at the some time it excited me sexually a lot, one part of me wanted to put a stop to it but another part wanted it to carry on, I really wanted to see more

I started to want sex a lot more, we had got in a rut with that, thinking about before it could be once or twice a month my wife wasn't as interested as me in doing it now

I didn't have to ask why she was getting loads of black cock that was a lot bigger than mine and on a very regular basis, when I took note of when she went out and realized how much she was getting, it surprised me she must have a taste for it

I still didn't know quite what she was involved in, she was having an affair that was obvious but that other could on that night was it a one off or what and did I jest get to see it by chance all the other times its been him and her

I did find out a lot about him it was easy Anne told me in a round about way, like I asked what company owns the gym, she said it privet and I got his name and she went to to tell me he has shops in the area as well, she didn't realize she told me a lot of things a average gym member would know or carry about, like his married but his wife don't live in the UK now well off he is

Then this happened Anne told me her friend could or had two tickets for the O2 now this had happened twice the end of last yea, then I didn't think much of it and she went and stayed over night in a hotel then they came home the next day

This time I checked to see who was playing there and it was the same as she said, anyway

it was going to be the same as they did last time, I would run her to the station and she meet her friend there, well I did and as I remembered she said the same thing her friend would be in the coffee shop on the platform and they meet there, Anne got out saying would I be okay by myself that sort of thing and went in, as I went out of the car park there was the BMW I had to go the lights went green, I didn't know if he went with her or he picked her up, then I thought if he was going his car wouldn't not be in short stay so he is picking her up. you had to hand it them they thought about this and planed it, I had to go to work but on the way home I drove by the house and his car was there

I had jest got in and got a phone call from Anne saying she was in London and in the hotel and about to go to the O2 and once she was there she not be able to call me so don't worry