28 Aug 2015

I posted a story recently about events that happened whilst my sexy blonde wife and I were on holiday.

It was one of those freaky moments I had just finished a work out in the hotel gym and was standing in the shower when shock of all shocks Mandy’s lover walks in absolutely stark naked, Mandy was right he was very fit, board shoulders, thick thighs and looking down he certainly was very well endowed, even in its unexcited state it was a very impressive size, it was dangling down between his legs and as he walked to a free shower it was actually swaying from side to side, he was with a friend equally fit, not as large as Mandy’s lover but his cock was a lot thicker.

My God, no wonder Mandy was so stretched, I wondered how much larger it was in its erect state and how on earth he had managed to get that inside Mandy’s small tight vagina. I closed my eyes and visualised him fucking Mandy and all the things Mandy had told me about that night ran through my mind. I felt my cock hardening in my swimming trunks. Exactly what I didn’t want to happen in the men’s shower room!!!

Then they moved to a shower near me, I couldn’t help but to eves drop their conversation and even through the pouring water I could clearly hear him say, “I fucked this amazing hot bitch the other night, she was fucking wild in bed, totally fucking insatiable, she was the easiest bitch in the world to make Cum, I must have fucked her in every fucking position going, I would still be there now if she had her way.”

He stopped and then continued “You know you’re onto a good thing when the bitch lets you finger fuck her in a crowded place and blows you in the rest rooms”.

The friend asked for more detail and Mandy’s lover willingly obliged “Yeah, I saw her earlier in the club, she was a bit gone and dressed like a slut, she was getting loads of attention, I got blown out by some frigid bitch and just went over and pulled her onto the dance floor, she was an amazing mover, said she did salsa or something. Shortly we were making out and then she pulled me to her for a slow dance and within seconds placed my hand under her skirt and into her knickers, what could I do but to finger fuck it, god she was dripping and she had her hand inside my jeans trying to wank me off. Then she dragged me into the gents into a cubicle, pushed me back onto the toilet seat, pulled down my trousers and blew me all the way”.

The friend seemed lost for words and just muttered “WOW and what was she like, the normal holiday bitch craving black dick”

He replied “Yep, well off posh bitch, blonde, middle age, married no doubt with a wimpy white husband who can’t satisfy her and desperate for some holiday black cock, fuck knows what she told him when he got back because I fucking wrecked her snatch and it was full of my Cum”.

“Would you fuck it again?”

Without any hesitation he replied “Yes definitely man, she was an easy fucking pull and lay, she even gave me her mobile number, actually she entered it herself, standing there naked with my Cum dripping out of her fucking bald snatch and begged me to get in touch with her before she left for home.”

They both laughed and the friend said “Yeah, they are always fucking bald and gagging for a repeat fuck”

I was left wondering how much of this was true and how much was the man’s bravado! As it was certainly a very different from Mandy’s account of the night.

Well at that I had to leave the shower pretty quick as my cock was hardening and as much as I wanted to hear more, I couldn’t as I would have had a fully hard erection.

I went back to the changing room, dried off and put my shorts on.

Then the 2 guys emerged from the shower and I was shocked to hear that they were still chatting loudly about the events of last night with my wife!

The friend said “What she wanted you to fuck her without protection”.

“Yep, the dirty bitch wouldn’t let me fuck her again unless I did it bareback, they were her words”.

Then he laughed and spoke with a voice mimicking a woman “Yes babe, I have got to feel you bareback inside me, I want to feel your lovely black dick inside me, but don’t Cum in me.”

Then he continued in his normal voice “They all say that and when you tell them you’re about the Cum they wrap their legs around you like a fucking boa constrictor and then use their pussy to milk you dry, that’s exactly what she did, she humped every last drop out of my dick”

The friend muttered “She sounds fucking hot”, to which he replied “She fucking was, the best for some time, absolutely fucking wild and couldn’t get enough cock, I bet the husband hadn’t fucked her for months or she’s just a fucking nympho”.

Then he paused thinking about something “Why don’t I get in touch with her, see if she wants to meet up at the club again, you could come along, I think we would have a fucking good chance of both fucking her or if she wasn’t up for it you could have a bang on her tonight”.

They both let out a loud laugh.

I have to say I was lost as to how Mandy found this crude guy attractive or interesting enough to let him fuck her, yet I was willingly in fact hoping that Mandy would be up for another night out and wondered if she would spend the night with her lover or his friend or if she would be bold enough to take both of them back to her room.

When I got back Mandy was in joyful mood, I asked why she was so happy, “My lover couldn’t resist my charms babe, he has just texted to see if I am going to the club tonight, is it okay with you if I go babe, promise to tell all”.

I decided not to tell Mandy about my time at the gym !!!!.