Written by Belgarion10

14 Jun 2007

Because of the late hour, the hotel bar was closed but we managed to convince the guy on duty to open it up and sell us some beers and a bottle of wine for C, which we took up to the lads’ room, deciding to having ‘a nightcap’ before we all went to bed. It was a lovely warm night and we all went at sat out on the lads’ balcony. I climbed over and fetched the loungers from our side to theirs and we all flopped out on them, drinks in hand. Earlier, during the night as we got more and more inebriated the subject of conversation had inevitably led to sex, mainly stories of Chris’s many conquests, but also a little bit about Lee’s ex. It turned out she was quite plump, and he loved girls with ‘a bit of meat on them’. I had always told C I felt the same way and didn’t like my women too skinny, but I think she was surprised that to find that some other men had similar tastes.

Now, back at the balcony, C went up to go for a pee and almost fell over, she was that drunk. She kicked off her heels, and we all laughed at her as she staggered into the glass patio doors, laughing at herself as she did so, before finally finding her way through the open bit and into the room. “She’s bladdered!” I commented, and Chris laughed. Lee was just as drunk to be fair, like C he obviously couldn’t hold his drink well. He started singing, and we had to tell him to shut up because we didn’t want him waking up everyone else in the hotel!

When C came back she was just in her bra and denim skirt, pointing out it was really hot in their room. Chris said he had forgot to put the air-conditioning on, and he went inside to correct his mistake. She had refilled her glass of wine as well, and I wondered just how drunk she was planning to get. Lee looked at C in her lacy black bra and said to her with a grin “Have I told you I really fancy you?” C replied that she already knew. “I seem to remember you cumming on my boobs earlier?” Lee apologised again, and C told him to forget it, she didn’t mind at all, and they both collapsed laughing.

I went inside for a pee, leaving the two of them still giggling about earlier, and found Chris struggling to get the air-con working. With a bit of fiddling about we eventually got it working, and I went to the toilet beating Chris to it, who banged on the door while I went, telling he to hurry up or he was going to piss himself. I came out and Chris barged past me (he really was desperate) and when I returned to the balcony I found C now just in her bra and knickers, and Lee completely naked! “We’re moon-bathing” he joked, which the two of them found absolutely hilarious.

I chuckled and shook my head at state of the drunken pair. Chris joined us on the balcony and I explained what was going on. “Very nice!” he said to C’s underwear, which it was. It was a lovely black set, both very lacy and very see-through. You could clearly see her nipples through the bra, and that she was shaven downstairs. C pushed her boobs together, gave them a wiggle and stuck her tongue out at Chris, before falling about laughing again with Lee.

“I cum on those earlier” Lee showed off to Chris, pointing at C’s cleavage and the pair of them burst into giggles again. Chris told him to shut up, which only made the pair of them laugh harder. C teased Chris, asking him if he was jealous, but he just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Chris and I were more than merry, but nowhere near as hammered as the other two. “I’ve finally got one over on you!” Lee spouted off at his mate, but Chris just told him to get lost, so C went and sat next to Lee and put her arm around him. “We’re in love, you know!” she slurred to me. I decided to leave them to it as they cuddled and messed about on the sun lounger they know shared. They were muttering something to each other quietly and laughing, but Chris told me to ignore them, they were drunk, which we did.

Chris and I sat and talked and when our subject matter turned to women, and how many I had been with, I pulled our 2 loungers away from where Lee and C were chatting, so I could talk without being heard. We spoke quietly, and I told him that I had been with almost as many as him, which was true, but that C didn’t know. Most of my conquests came during the time I worked in Spain as a holiday rep, which C didn’t know about either. He nodded in understanding and I looked over and C and Lee to see if they could hear us.

C was taking her bra off, and I asked them what they were talking about. “Nothing!” C slurred innocently, and then explained that she was taking her bra off coz she didn’t want to get white-lines from moon-bathing. Lee threw his head back and laughed. They were laid next to each other, their loungers pushed together and when they went back to their quiet little chat, I turned back around and carried on talking to Chris.

I went to relieve myself again and when I came back Chris went and did the same. While he was gone, I could just hear what C and Lee were saying, although they were talking really quietly and I listened to their conversation for a few minutes. C said “Was your last girlfriend really bigger than me?” Lee said she was a lot plumper, but he didn’t mind. Her tits weren’t as big as C’s though. C giggled. “Did you love her?” Lee said that he did but that she had cheated on him, so he had dumped her. C said “Aww, poor baby” but Lee said he was well over her now, and been with a few girls since then, but nobody special.

I slitted my eyes, so it looked like they were closed and laid back pretending to be dozing while I watched them. “Do you always go for curvy girls then?” Lee nodded and I heard C whisper really quietly. “Would you go for me? If I was single, I mean.” I saw Lee nod again. He had one arm around her, and was staring at her sleepily. “You really fancy me – aww.” C leaned across and kissed him on the cheek lightly and he beamed at her as she resettled in his arm. As they shuffled position slightly, the hand on the arm around her shoulder fell on to her breast and I saw him stroke her nipple then curl his hand around her boob.

C looked down at the hand cupping her boob but made no move to shift it. Instead she giggled and then looked over at me. I immediately closed my eyes properly and hoped they couldn’t tell I was spying on them. It was quiet for a moment, and I wondered if they had seen me, but then I heard them giggling again and I dared to open my eyes slightly again. I was getting really horny now, and I noticed Lee was too. He was stroking and squeezing her breast still, and the effect it was having on him was obvious from the erection he was now sporting. But would she do anything about it....?