Written by Lipspreader8

5 Apr 2011

What I did when we met.

I had been speaking to this Cd on the internet for some time. So after awhile we decided to meet up one evening. I drove to her place where upon arriving,

I went in and we spoke a little then she said to me to strip naked, then she said I want you to dress for me. I said ok and she gave me some hold up and a satin dress and a thong.

I slipped a stocking on my leg and eased it up and straightened it out then the other stocking then I slid the thong up my stocking clad legs then the satin dress over my head and smoothed it down.

I thought fuck I felt sexy,

She walked over to me and embraced me running her hands over my body but avoiding touching my cock and I did the same to her but I did feel for her cock, once in my hand and slipping my finger around it I dropped to my knees and with her erection in front of my face it felt so natural being dressed female to open my mouth and move my head forward for my mouth to engulf its diameter.

First an inch then two then three then four inches and then I felt her hands on the sides of my head and my mouth forced forward on to this erect cock till I gagged and then eased off then forced forward again, I wished so much that I could have deep throated her cock.

Then she led me to the bed and laid me on the bed took one of my hands then tied my wrist to the bed post. Then the other hand was tied to the other bed post. So now I am lying on the bed out stretched. Then she started running her hands all over me, then she spread my legs wide and running her hands over my legs and up to my arse pulling my string to one side she enters he finger inside my hole then she reaches for her lube.

Puts some on her fingers then some on my arse and working it in then a finger in to her knuckle then two finger working away at my hole then she put some more lube on my arse and finger then three fingers right in to the knuckle and then working then good and hard, by now I am moaning with pleasure.

Then she pours some lube into her hand and massages it in to her cock I look with horror and anticipation of what is to happen then she climbs between my legs lifts my legs and rests them on her shoulders.

Then inches her way forwards till I feel her tip touch my anus. The thought that were running through my mind shock, anticipation and my hands are tied and I think I can’t do much to stop her what ever she wants to do to me? Would I want to stop her?

Then she leans forwards and is feeling my man boobs squeezing them with one in each hand, and then running her hands over my satin clad body.

She leant forward again with one of my boobs in her hand then leaning further forward she started to kiss my lips and I am looking straight in to her eyes and my mouth open without thinking and her tongue slips in past my lips and she is snogging me French kissing and I am reciprocating.

Kissing her back and without thinking I urgently wanting her not to stop but she does. I think sod it then she looks down between my legs puts the tip of her cock against my anus then looks down seductively and drips more lube on to her cock and pushes some into my entrance.

She then hooked her arms under my knees lifts my body up and pushes her cock into me she pushes harder then it slips in past my resistance and then slips more and more into me she now has about five inches inside me then she slips out a couple of inches then pushes back in with such force that it hurts and I scream out but it has past any resistance now and is all the way inside me.

I feel stretched and fulfilled. Then she lifts my legs higher and starts fucking me harder and harder, forcing all seven inches inside me. Then she pushes forward so it is right up inside me and leans forward and say is that nice and continues to snogg me again French kissing me deep and hard before I can answer he but the answer didn’t really matter as she new from my reactions that I was enjoying everything she was so expertly doing to me.

Fuck it felt so good, I never would have dreamt in a million years that I would ever feel like that with a cd.

She then slipped her wilted cock out of me and said do you feel fucked? ha ha.

Please let me know what you think of this true account of my evening.